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San Diego State defense leaves Weber State scoreless

Weber State v San Diego State Photo by Kent Horner/Getty Images

The Aztecs came out of its week 1 matchup against Weber State victorious by a score of 6-0.

SDSU followed the trend of many Mountain West teams in the first by starting off the season with a victory, even though it was done in a not so exciting fashion.

The biggest takeaway from this game is how well the Aztec defense performed. The front seven of SDSU was outstanding only allowing 35 rushing yards. Being able to shut down the entire run game puts enormous pressure on the quarterback and the receivers to pick up the slack. This would allow the secondary for the Aztecs to lock down the Wildcats.

Another positive takeaway for San Diego State in this game is that freshman kicker Matt Araiza went two for two from field goal range scoring the Aztecs only six points.

Fortunately for SDSU it was able to secure a win with only 55 yards on 22 carries for running back Juwan Washington. Not only is this not the efficiency Rocky Long wants from his running back it is not a strong start to Washington’s final season.

The Aztecs will need to improve the passing game.

Quarterback Ryan Agnew went 16 for 30 with 108 yards. Agnew successfully reached his best receiver for the night, Jesse Matthews, three times for only 25 yards. Obviously this is not a performance SDSU wants to keep consistent as it looks for improvement with the deep ball.

While the Aztecs were able to completely shut down Weber State’s offense, SDSU could not capitalize when on offense. This will need to improve drastically in the next week as San Diego State travels down to Pasadena to take on UCLA Saturday Sept. 7 with kickoff scheduled for 1:15 p.m. (PT)