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Air Force opens up MWC play against the heavily favored Broncos

This is not the first time that the Air Force Falcons have gone into a hostile environment as underdogs to most of the country. It is however, the first time Air Force will play a conference rival and what is probably seen as the face of the Mountain West Conference in the Boise State Broncos. So much for two weeks ago playing the cupcakes of the college football world, the Falcons will enter play Friday night as 8.5 point underdogs on the smurf turf which means that the discipline Air Force is known for will have to be on level eleven to beat the number 20 team in the AP poll.

After opening up the season ruining the lives of football fans in Tallahassee, Florida beating the Seminoles of Florida State 36-31 in a shocker that went along with the theme of that day where the Mountain West upset three of five power five opponents on the day. The following week proved to be a bit of a trap game against the Marshall Thundering Herd as the Broncos had a scare only winning 14-7. Following that game last week the final tune up before conference play opens Boise State pounded the Portland State Vikings in what was a money game for Portland State 45-10. After the disappointing end to last season not winning the conference for what seems like the first time in forever the Broncos are expected to play with a vengeance against all in conference opponents to make sure they maintain the crown they established on the Statue of Liberty play all those years ago beating the Oklahoma Sooners in that year’s Tostitos Fiesta Bowl.

Though the records of both teams from last year shows the vast talent difference between the two teams. Though this claim is more than likely true as it takes a special type of athlete to compete at the Air Force Academy last October in Falcon stadium Air Force gave the Broncos all they could handle ultimately falling 48-38. A loss is never welcome in a locker room but this will give coach Calhoun a little extra bulletin board material to motivate his now seasoned team who has been tested against a power five team as well and proved they can hang with the best college football has to offer. The challenge however, will lie in the venue for Air Force as one of the catalysts of Boise State’s reign of terror over the conference is the crazy fans who come out to support their football team on the blue turf. Adversity is something that an Air Force cadet will soon be their best friend but we will get the first glimpse of how these future officers in the United States Air Force will handle 36,000 screaming potato farmers from Boise, Idaho to deal with along with a very talented team. The defense has shown a stinginess that will bode well for them the rest of the season and the offense is potent to a point the main worry for me is the Offense either not starting fast enough and falling behind or like last week in Boulder where they come out fast and disappear for two quarters. If there is consistency on offense the Falcons will be close enough to possibly pull off another huge upset and show the world that Air Force football is back to win the Commander in Chief trophy, become bowl eligible, and be in the mix for a Mountain West Conference championship.