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Old Rivals Bitter Enemies

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CU and Air Force rekindle a rivalry that has laid dormant for 45 years

When the field is taken this weekend in Boulder, Colorado it will be the first time the Gold and Black of the University of Colorado will look across at the Electric Blue and White of the Air Force Academy. After 45 years of not playing one another a lot has changed on both sides. For one the men heading the sidelines for both schools will be competing for the first time in their careers against the other school. Back in 1974 Bill Mallory lead his Buffaloes coming out of the Big 8 conference against while the independent Falcons were lead by Ben Martin. New Conferences and new standards for both squads will also be taking the field Saturday as well as both enter without suffering a loss, namely CU coming back from a 30 point deficit last weekend against the Nebraska Corn huskers, and the Falcons will come in off heir early season bye week.

There are two philosophies often associated when a team coming off a game plays another who is coming off a bye week. One, did the bye week not allow the team to create a groove established for the rest of the season. And the second is the team who hasn’t had a bye yet will be physically more exhausted and not be able to play their best in the upcoming match up. I will play more of the second philosophy where I don’t think CU will be too physically exhausted for Saturday but rather mentally tired after the circumstances of the previous week. This is almost a trap game for CU as it is the last week before conference play begins but they are also coming off of the biggest rivalry in school history to now playing against a team that many see as the little brother in the mountains of Colorado. That thinking however has become outdated in the landscape of major college football in Colorado.

Talent for talent Air Force and CU are on the same plain competition wise, the Mountain West so far this year has established themselves as a major player in all of college football after pulling off four major upsets in week 1. For that reason the betting line of CU -3.5 makes sense because the conference is now seen as something that can take over a weekend of football in the blink of an eye. This will be the first major challenge of Air Force's season and it will be interesting to see how they approach the game, I don’t think that the Falcons will be rushing for over 400 yards and they should have to incorporate the passing game more. But then again CU never sees the triple option offense which is always a factor when the Falcons play everyone besides the military academies. My key for the game will be one thing and it doesn’t have any effect in game plan, FOCUS. Cu has shown the propensity to fall behind early in games but have been bailed out by the opponent losing focus and allowing for a big comeback. The Falcons Should stay disciplined and focused they should find themselves in the position to pull off a win against another in state rival.