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Bronco Blitz: Boise State Stuns Florida State

The Broncos pull off one of the greatest comebacks in program history

NCAA Football: Florida State at Boise State Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

Wow...I am at a loss for words. What an exciting game and comeback by a team that had every reason to lose that game! Boise State had to deal with multiple hurdles before and during the game, but were able to gather themselves and play, arguably, the best half in program history. Let’s take a look at my keys to the game and see how they played out:

Will Boise State’s defensive backs be able to contain the speed and size of the Seminoles?

This is a tough one to answer. In the first half, the Broncos missed a ton of tackles and were getting beat down the field. In the second half, the defensive line did an excellent job of dialing up the pressure and rattling Blackmon. I was really impressed with the performance of Jalen Walker; he may emerge as the best corner for the Broncos.

Can the Broncos generate points on defense or special teams?

I didn’t think the Broncos would be able to walk away with a victory unless the defense or special teams generated some plays. The defense forced two key turnovers, and grad transfer kicker Eric Sachse hit five field goals to tie the program record.

Will the quarterback have the poise to lead the Broncos to their biggest victory in years?

I’m going to go ahead and embrace the nickname that has been buzzing on Twitter; “Hurricane” Hank Bachmeier is special. He took multiple, massive hits and showed an unbelievable amount of poise in the pocket. Hank finished the game completing 30 of 51 passes for 407 yards, great performance by the true freshman.

Has Florida State solved their offensive line issues?

The Seminole offensive line looked great in the first half. Akers was running at will, and Blackmon had time to throw. The second half was the complete opposite, so I am going to say no.

Can the Broncos run game be good enough to keep them on the field?

Yep! The Broncos were a force in the run game. Robert Mahone and George Holani played great. Boise State controlled the game on the ground and finished with 214 yards rushing.

Who is the better coach?

One coach made adjustments at the half and the other did not. This award goes to Bryan Harsin and his staff.

What role will the weather play?

It was super hot and super humid. The location change didn’t seem to bother the Broncos. The team took the heat and humidity in stride, while the Seminoles continually cramped up. Weird how that played out...

Vegas Line: Florida State -7 (went up three points with location change) Broncos win by 5.

My Prediction:

Florida State 31-Boise State 21

I have never been so happy to be wrong! The Broncos won 36-31.

Players of the game:


Hank Bachmeier and Robert Mahone. Both guys deserve to be recognized. Bachmeier with over 400 yards through the air and Robert Mahone with over 140 yards on the ground. A great performance by two guys starting their first college game.


Kekaula Kaniho. He forced a fumble on a sack and was excellent at tackling in space. A great performance by the junior.

Special Teams

Eric Sachse. Five made field goals and 18 total points. Sachse should be a candidate for conference special teams player of the week.

Next up, the Broncos will take on Marshall Friday evening. It will be a quick turnaround after a physical game.