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Fake News: Mountain West announces new Media Deal with AM Radio

The MWC thinks outside the box by going back into an old box.

CSU Football

WARNING: The following is satire and completely fictitious. Do not take any of it seriously, but enjoy the ride.

News broke early this morning when Mountain West commissioner Craig Thompson announced the highly anticipated new media rights deal. It is an exclusive partnership with AM radio broadcasts. Sticking to the theme, Thompson announced the release in a telegram which went out to all the schools and local media. Unfortunately Hawaii probably won’t hear about the news until next week.

“I couldn’t be more thrilled for this new partnership with AM radio.” Thompson stated. “This will help us to go back to the roots of college football, and quite frankly, I think this is how college football was meant to be experienced.”

“In this day and age with five games on at a time that a viewer can flip between instantly and be in constant discussion on social media, stripping down our product just makes sense. We want to on a platform where we are the only option in town and radio allowed us to do that.”

The benefits are plentiful:

  • Kickoff times: Complaints were heard loud and clear and solution was found! Games can now be scheduled whenever they are desired. No more late kickoff times competing with other games. Now Mountain West games can run all day.
  • Audience: TV and streaming was trying to reach the masses. Local radio stations broadcasting games will go straight to the respective fanbases, reaching the true and lifelong fans.
  • Money: This is where the creative deal gets even more creative. There is no set pay-out to each school. Instead, each school will get a “substantial percentage” of the earnings the radio stations get through selling ads. Thompson says, “This is where the deal truly shines. Everyone was so concerned about the revenue increases. With a percentage of radio ads during game-times, the money is in theory unlimited!”

Earlier kickoff times, a potential blank check each year, and being the exclusive member of this platform, what’s not to like about the deal? One would be hard-pressed to find any negatives.

Hopefully this article will be updated with more quotes and information. Unfortunately, none of the coaches or athletic directors of any Mountain West teams were willing to make public comments at this time.