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Fall Schedule: What’s on the way this season?

NCAA Football: Georgia State at Air Force Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

The start of the season is as close as ever and we figured it’s time to let you know what to expect as far as weekly content once the season starts. Take a look. Every day will feature at least three posts and some days even more.


Monday through Friday will feature our Mountaintop View post. Get your fill of the latest and greatest news discussing Mountain West sports as well as relevant national college sports articles. The daily links stop for nothing, except the weekends.


Mondays will continue to feature our weekly Recruiting Roundup, which is sure to be full of more quotes from recruits as official visits and commitments will occur more frequently.

Also on Mondays will be our weekly power rankings. The rankings will be serious but some of the commentary may be humorous or biting.

Finally, you’ll see the last of the game recaps from the previous Saturday, highlighting your favorite team’s successes or defeats.


You know what Tuesdays mean. Our popular featured post, The Good The Bad and the Ugly will lend its unique style of coverage to each week’s games. Check each week to see how you team’s play fits into what category.

Pairing with this on Tuesdays we will be bringing back the Game of the Week Recap, where each of you will get to see what MWC game ended up being the game of the week in the conference.


Hump day brings two posts your day. The first will be the weekly Bowl Predictions. Members of our team will weigh in with their thoughts each week on which Mountain West teams will make a bowl and which bowls they will play in. Follow along all season to see how predictions change and who looks like a genius and which contributors end up looking foolish.

The second post of the day is our weekly column, Peak Perspective. As usual, it will feature a few different writers as they offer their thoughts on the latest news going on around college football, the MWC, or a specific team. In season, expect to see a bit more team-specific material as storylines play out each week.


Thursdays turn the page on the week as we will begin to look ahead to the Saturday ahead. Game Previews will begin to appear, as team writers share their insight and thoughts as to how teams will fare in the coming game.

Stats Corner will be back for the season! For those of you who understand things better in numbers, want to learn about more advanced stats, or just want to know evidence for why a team is playing or not playing well, this post is for you.

Depending on the week, what the news cycle is looking like, and how much free time we can find, you may see a second Peak Perspective pop up from time to time.


Finally Friday! It’s time of the Game of the Week Prediction, where each and every one of you will have the chance to vote as to which MWC game will be “the game of the week”. Keep track of how you do all season and brag about it to everyone else.

On this day you’ll also see another round of game previews from our writers.


It’s GAME DAY! Since most Mountain West games take place in the evening, we’ll have two morning posts coming your way to make the time go by a bit quicker.

First, you’ll see our new fun or satirical post. Whether it’s ranking teams in some uniquely meaningless way, comparing each MWC teams to tv show characters, fake interviews or letters from someone discovering football for the first time, hopefully you find enjoyment in these posts.

Then, the Game Threads. This will be your one-stop shop for when each team plays, where you can watch them, what we think, and a poll of who you think will win. Comment along as your favorite team takes the field.


Sunday will be the main day for our game recaps. See them as they pop up throughout the day and hear from our team writers as they recount the previous day’s games. This is your chance to check out posts devoted exclusively to your favorite team.

Also take a look at a new future we will be debuting, our Player of the Week post. The Mountain West Conference names an offensive, defensive, and special teams player of the week each Monday and we will do the same on Sundays. Follow along and share your thoughts as well.

There you have it. Our fall content is heading your way as soon as the games do. This summer we’ve been rolling out about 10-12 posts each week. Now that football season is back, that number will expand to about 35-40 posts each week. Hope you’re ready for some great content about your favorite team and favorite conference all in one place!