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Mountaintop View 8-12-19

Injuries, Love, young Rams, breakout players, money-down.

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NCAA Football: New Mexico Bowl-North Texas vs Utah State Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to the start of another week. Hope you’re ready for another week chalk full of original content and MWC news from around the internet. As usual, we have you covered.

No college football injury report.

This isn’t too surprising, as many coaches didn’t seem to be in favor of it. Once sports gambling in college football was legalized, it seems like an injury report on players similar to the NFL would be a foregone conclusion. The side that favored it argued for an even playing field and against fraud. The opposite side argued for preserving privacy of student-athletes. The latter seemed to carry the day, at least for this year.

Love is this year’s Allen?

Jordan Love continues to get love from national media. This article likens him to this year’s version of Josh Allen, who also went unnoticed in recruiting and then developed into an NFL prospect. Love still has to play the games and back up the hype in the games, but he’s certainly on people’s radar.

Rams looking to sophomore to shoulder load.

6 players on defense for Colorado State got their feet wet as true freshman last year. Now that they are sophomores, they are expected to play significant roles. Devin Phillips, Rashad Ajayi, Quinn Brinnon, Dequan Jackson, Cam Carter and Tywan Francis have all showed flashes and sometimes more in game action during the 2018 season. How much of a jump they made into 2019 could determine how successful they are on the defensive side of the ball.

The Athletic previews 2019 breakout teams.

Hawaii gets a mention from the Mountain West, which is an interesting selection but not one without potential. They cite their strong start to last year, plus a healthy McDonald at QB, two to three great wide receivers, and returners on defense. Let’s see if the Rainbow Warriors can’t backup the hype.

MWC players doing the lighter side of fall camp.

On the horizon:

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  • Coming Tuesday: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly looks at What to watch for during fall camp.
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