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Ranking MW Mascots

The rankings you have all been waiting for!

Before we begin our ranking of the Mountain West’s mascots, I would like to get it out of the way that yes, we are biased against your team, hate to break it to you. Now without further ado I present to you the ranking of the best MW mascots.

1. Big Blue – Utah State

Big Blue tops the list. This mascot version of a deranged bull took over for a real bull back in 1987 due to the fact that a real bull caused damage to USU facilities. Big Blue is the perfect mix of a crazy looking wild bull while also being charming enough to take pictures with. This combo makes for a perfect mascot to represent the Aggies.

Photo Credit: Utah State University

2. Aurora – Air Force

Air Force is one of the few schools with a live mascot. Checking it at number two is Air Force’s official mascot, Aurora the Falcon. How many schools can say they have a real-life Gyrfalcon as a mascot? that’s pretty dang cool. The species is actually quite rare in the wild so going to an Air force game is your best shot at ever seeing one, not to mention Air Force has a whole lineup of different birds they showcase to fans. I mean guys, it’s a freaking falcon!

Photo Credit: WFMY News

3. Lobo Louie and Lobo Lucy – New Mexico

Next on our list is a tandem of mascots from New Mexico. Lobo Louie and Lobo Lucy are a great act and pairing a couple of mascots together I believe makes everything more fun. These two are part of what makes the experience at The Pit the one of the best in the nation. These wolves also look a lot more animated than that of Nevada’s mascots, which we will get into later. How can you not love these two wild wolves?

Photo Credit: Flickr

4. Hey Reb! – UNLV

The Rebels mascot is one of the most well known in the conference. He has competed for Capital One mascot of the year and has appeared on a couple ESPN commercials as well. This enthusiastic mascot really energizes Thomas and Mack Center.

Photo Credit: Zimbio

5. CAM The Ram – Colorado State

CAM is one of the coolest mascots on our ranking. He might not be able to walk around pumping up the crowd or come soaring in for a dramatic entrance, but CAM is too adorable to rank any lower on this list. CAM’s first appearance was in 1947 and has been portrayed by numerous sheep over the years, how can you not love the fella?

Photo Credit: The Denver Post

6. Alphie, Wolfie Jr., and Luna – Nevada

The Wolf Pack, fittingly, have a pack of mascots. Nevada currently has three mascots representing them, Alphie, Wolfie Jr (the son of previous mascot Wolfie) and Luna. You can catch them getting Wolf Pack fans up and going at sporting events. The trios look is quite basic, somewhat resembling any wild cat looking character, and for that reason they are not higher on the list.

Photo Credit: @NevadaMascots Twitter

7. Buster Bronco – Boise State

Buster the Bronco is a real interesting character. This wild looking horse is really something, I mean, it’s a horse, nothing too crazy about it. Although, at times Buster can look quite freaky, perhaps something that would haunt you in your dreams or donkey from Shrek on drugs, but hey bronco does mean - wild untamed horse.

Photo Credit: @boisestatelive Twitter

8. Pistol Pete – Wyoming

Wyoming sports one of the many cowboy mascots in the nation. He has a decent look but isn’t exactly the most original, Oklahoma State and New Mexico State have cowboy mascots by the exact same name and similar look.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

9. Aztec Warrior – San Diego State

The Aztec Warrior is a very unique mascot who has also been a staple for many on field SDSU traditions. The warrior has been the talk of much controversy over the accuracy in resembling Aztec culture, although the school has said they are making an effort to ensure accuracy.

Photo Credit: KPBS

10. Sammy the Spartan – San Jose State

Spartans and Trojans just aren’t the most interesting mascots to me, just like Pistol Pete, Sammy looks like the younger brother of Sparty from Michigan State. It’s a basic mascot that gets the job done but doesn’t jump out at you.

Photo Credit: SJSU

11. Timeout – Fresno State

Fresno State rounds out or ranking. Timeout, their big bulldog mascot looks like any other mascot of a team named after a dog, nothing too special here.

Photo Credit: Fresno State