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Mountaintop View 7-5-19

Fresh Friday links.

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NCAA Football: Fresno State at UCLA Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to Friday. For those of you stuck having to work in this random day between the holiday and the weekend, hope the day can be a bit easier by starting your day with some Mountain West related reading.

Calhoun speaks on new policy for service academies.

It’s sweeping the nation, or at least across the service academy sports programs. Athletes having the chance (again) to go pro right away instead of having to go into active military service is a game-changer for some standout athletes. Air Force head coach Troy Calhoun said “It’s the biggest slam-dunk and no-brainer ever for our country.’ and he’s not wrong. Pro sports are about seeing the best players play, regardless of height, what school they came from, how long it took them to get there, and now regardless of whether they come from a military academy. Air Force players especially have a lot to gain by this, as former standouts Jalen Rowell and Weston Steelhammer were impacted previously.

Rebels setting their sights on big expectations.

A quote from this article will be tossed around a lot; either as a prediction to the start of good times or as a joke if things go south in a hurry. The line is “We didn’t build a facility to compete with the Mountain West. We built one to compete with the whole country.” This isn’t a knock on the facilities, which should definitely be state of the art. Nor is it a knock on Sanchez as an individual, who seems beloved by the program. It’s merely fair to critique the production that has taken place so far. This season should be interesting.

Group of 5 teams with a chance to gain Power 5 wins.

This article takes a look at games that some group of 5 teams have the potential to get on the national stage by upstaging their power 5 counterparts. Two MWC teams get a mention here. They say Nevada has a chance to bet Purdue in their season opener. Also, they are high on Fresno State’s chance against Minnesota this time around now that it’s a home game for the Bulldogs. No mention of Boise State and Florida State for what it’s worth.

Three MWC teams top G5 in Learfield Standings.

Hughes quite the playmaker for the Bulldogs.

On the horizon:

  • Later today: the MWCConnection Roundtable discusses whether or not a Mountain West team will get the New Year’s Six bid this season.