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Mountaintop View 7-29-19

Rocky Long, Craig Thompson, Big East, spread offense, thoughts on each MWC team.

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COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 19 Frisco Bowl - San Diego State v Ohio Photo by Matthew Pearce/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Happy Monday! The last Monday without football to be exact. That’s because Fall Camp opens at the end of this week for the majority of MWC teams If you want to read about the latest news in the Mountain West, this post is for you.

Rocky Long still cares about the Lobos.

It’s been over a decade since Long coached New Mexico, but he still keeps up with the program through connections and friends. Being an alumni and former head coach, he’s concerned about the school, even though they are a conference competitor. Don’t be surprised if he finds a way to help them after he eventually retires.

Talkin’ with Thompson.

MWC commissioner Craig Thompson came across calm, cool, and collected during his annual state of the MWC address at Media Days. For good reason too. Thompson unveiled new bowl agreements for the future and they were better than expected given the Vegas Bowl ditching the MWC for the SEC. He also made the media negotiations sound promising, and the small nugget of a shorter deal seems smart given the ever-changing media landscape. If nothing else, he came across realistic.

Boise State still thinks about the Big East.

The affiliation that never ended up happening is still a what if that Boise State thinks of from time to time. They thought they had finally broken through to a power conference, but all the moving pieces at that time of conference realignment left the Big East in shambles and so Boise State backed out before ever playing a game. Though that process got very messy, it did allow the Broncos to come back to the MWC with the now infamous right to negotiate their home games separately, giving them more money than other MWC schools and more than the Big East got at the time they backed out. In the end, is probably worked out for them.

The Aztecs are spicing up their offensive ways a bit.

Much has been made of the offensive switch for SDSU this off-season. It’s the same offense with the same plays, but it will be run out of a spread formation instead of their traditional I-formation. Coach Long also noticed it took new players quite a while to get used to a system that involved a quarterback under center and linemen run-blocking, something that wasn’t been done a whole lot at the high school level. This year, they are looking for efficient play in the passing game to effectively compliment their dominant rushing attack. The early results sound promising but obviously the real test starts in September.

A thread on each MWC team heading into the season.

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