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Mountaintop View 7-10-2019

Hiding injuries, throwbacks, and going to the big leagues

Welcome to Wednesday. Some of you are just getting back from Fourth of July vacation. We got some information you’ll need to read coming from all over the Mountain West Conference.

Hawaii QB brings up past injuries

Hawaii QB Cole McDonald discusses about his knee injury from last season by hiding throughout the whole season. The injury somewhat bothered him since the first game of 2018 season, and he took a big hit on his MCL against San Jose State. This will put him out of the game, and went to the hospital for further testing on the knee. He then sacrificed himself to play the whole season with a banged up knee.

Former Mountain West Superstars team up together in NBA

Other schools spread love to Hawaii

Wayback Wednesday: From Reno to the military

From the Pack to a Hornet

On the Horizon:

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  • Coming Thursday: Ranking Boise State’s Top Players: Number 8
  • Coming Thursday: Peak Perspective: Davie All In... On Defense?
  • Coming Friday: MWC Connection Roundtable: Biggest storyline for the 2019 season?