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Mountaintop View 7-1-19

Love, NCAA, Cowboy recruiting, benefits to Air Force.

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NCAA Football: New Mexico Bowl-North Texas vs Utah State Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to July. This is the last month without football. The good news is football type activities will be taking place at the end of the month with media days getting constantly closer. For now, read about the football articles that have been compiled.

Love driven by loss, but defined but something else.

The Athletic told QB Jordan Love’s story in this post. When he was a 14 year old sophomore, and a rising star at that, his father died by suicide. His aunt broke the news to him after finishing up a summer game. Jordan wanted to shut down and quit sports, but a good friend urged him to play. Love’s only FBS offer was Utah State and he had a lot of improvements to make to be the player he is today. He’s done it by following the quiet but dedicated work ethic his father instilled in him when he was a child.

Battle looming with California high school athletes.

If the NCAA is good at one thing, it’s cracking down on harmless things it thinks it can control and ignoring real issues plaguing the sport. This is example #594 as the NCAA is waging war on California HS football. California passed a bill where high school players could benefit from their name, image and likeness being used. The law won’t go into effect until 2023, so the state and the NCAA have some time to try to outsmart each other. Exactly what the NCAA should be devoting their time to.

Thoughts on NCAA cracking down on transfers.

More on the NCAA putting time and energy into things. They are trying to close some of the loopholes in transferring. Really, people just want the inconsistencies to go away. But teams will now have to detail if the player was or wasn’t kicked off the team, and explaining the role of the athlete in the care of a sick family member. If prohibits players like Tate Martell getting approved right away and more legit cases being denied, then it’s a good thing. The article also summarizes the main questions surrounding being more open or closed with transferring.

Wyoming discusses their recruiting approach.

Wyoming prefers to move at a slower but very deliberate pace when it comes to their recruiting. They have many of their offers already out and now are focusing on reeling them in a bit more. The coaching staff also wants to further evaluate the prospects they offered to know how aggressively to pursue them. Consider this the start of the second phase of their recruiting efforts in this cycle.

New/old policy going to benefit service academy programs.

The President recently signed a memorandum that allows college athletes at military academies to go straight to professional sports if selected and defer their service time. It’s great for the talented athletes who want to pursue their dream (Weston Steelhammer comes to mind). Actually, this is going back to the old stance that was originally put into place under the previous President. Jokes could be made here, but they won’t be.

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