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MWC Recruiting Roundup 7-1-19

July Recruiting Rankings!

NCAA Football: Colorado State at Air Force Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s another packed Recruiting Roundup. Now officially into July, recruiting is becoming much more active. Although now in a summer dead period, it remains to be seen if it will keep going. Still some offers and a handful of commitments, plus our new monthly recruiting rankings. This week, Air Force accounted for 40% of MWC offers and almost half of MWC commitments, so they find a spot on the cover photo this week.

2019 Cover Photo Total:

  • Nevada: 4
  • Colorado State: 3
  • San Jose State: 2
  • UNLV: 2
  • Air Force: 2
  • Fresno State: 1
  • Boise State: 1
  • Utah State: 1
  • Hawaii: 1

Recruiting Calendar

We are in the dead period for the majority of July. Phone calls and texts are fine. Players can still be offered and still make verbal commitments.

MWCConnection July Recruiting Rankings

There has been recruiting news and new commits over the past month, but how has it altered the rankings? For reference, take a look at June and see how much the team rankings have changed.

1. Nevada

  • They would be on top if for no other reason than quantity. However, there are some quality athletes in their 8-member class.


  • The Rebels may seem like a surprise hear at #2 but they’ve been doing great early work on the recruiting trail. They have two of the top recruits in the conference so far and if they can keep it going, it will go a long way.

3. Fresno State

  • The previous two classes under Tedford have been closer to the middle of the conference than to the top. However, this one is off to a good start and could be quite intriguing as things keep progressing.

4. Boise State

  • The Broncos started a bit slower, but picked things up in June and have added some nice pieces so far.

5. Air Force

  • It’s still early enough in the year where quantity holds a lot of weight, so the Falcons check in at the top half of the MWC right now. The quality of their top 20 commits or so will ultimately decide where they land.

6. Hawaii

  • Debated putting them higher. Debated putting the lower. Settled right around the middle of the conference. They snagged some nice local players, which is especially great in a cycle where Hawaii talent is loaded this year.

7. San Diego State

  • Like many on this list, the Aztecs started slow but have managed to secure a few commits now. If they can keep landing their normal slew of athletes, expect to see them move up the list.

8. Wyoming

  • The Cowboys are off to a good start, especially for a program that doesn’t light up the recruiting rankings in their classes. Is this a year their rankings reflect the quality job they do in recruiting?

9. Utah State

  • Like Wyoming, the Aggies could be higher. They have a few nice players so far and are worth keeping an eye on to see if they can match the work they did last year.

10. San Jose State

  • The Spartans do well in recruiting and they aren’t off to a bad start. Especially for a team that does the majority of their recruiting work closer to signing day.

11. Colorado State

  • The Rams got on the board in June, but they have a ways to go to keep pace with previous years as they are usually at the top of the conference.

12. New Mexico

  • When you don’t have any commits yet, it’s difficult to be anything but at the bottom of the conference.

Commitment Spotlight

DE Andrew BoisD’Enghien (Air Force)

“Really the opportunities that are presented to me as a graduate of the academy to be successful in life after football played the largest part in my commitment. The biggest factor in choosing what school was right for me was ensuring that I would be successful in life and the Air Force Academy provides that and the highest level of football possible for an athlete with the best coaching and facilities as well as a shot at the NFL. I also fell in love with the coaching staff as well as the environment on and around campus. The opportunity to be a Falcon was too great to pass up and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it. They are a very intelligent coaching staff with an incredible amount of collective experience. Relating to my specific position, Coach Jamison is one of the top D-Line coaches in all of college football and our relationship has really grown from the start of the recruiting process. Some things they like about me that attribute to my success on the field are my athletic ability, size, “coach-ability”, and football I.Q. I will be playing DE. I think I’ll fit great into their defensive scheme, their D-Line is very athletic and slant a lot sometimes multiple gaps which is very similar to what we run at my high school.”

DL Sam McNulty (Air Force)

“I decided on Air Force because going to a prestigious academy will set me up for life beyond football. I never thought in all my life I would join the military but when I went down to Colorado Springs I found out what an honor is it is to be a part of a brotherhood like that. I also chose this place because it is a wow factor. When I tell people that I have committed to the Air Force academy people are in awe because very few get accepted in there. That’s all I’ve ever wanted in a college. In my opinion the coaching staff really treats everyone like family. They understand me as an athlete and a student. Coach Van has been very helpful to me in answering all of my questions I have about the academy. He is a very talented when recruiting young athletes. On the other hand I’m going to be spending a lot of my time with Coach Jamison and Coach Means. They are outstanding in teaching their young athletes on how to reach their full potential. I have a lot of faith and trust that they will bring my ability to the next level. I can’t wait to be apart of a brotherhood like this! They are recruiting me as a five technique defensive end. In my opinion I feel like I am a very good fit. They were looking for a hard nosed defensive player who likes inflicting pain in rival quarterbacks. That happens to be something I take pleasure doing. So that’s why I think I am so perfect fit for them.”

DE Casey Irons (Colorado State)

“It felt like home. The way the coached treated me while I was there, I just felt the love. Also, the coaches have a good reputation. I think they can help me get where I’m trying to go. I’ll start off outside but as my body matures and I put on weight there’s a good chance I could play inside.”

TE Russell Corrigan (Boise State)

“I visited a few weeks ago and I knew right away that it was home for me. It’s an amazing football culture that I wanted to be a part of. Also, a great town and school that completely supports the football program. I also really liked the coaches and trust what they’re teaching me. Had a few talks with Coach Harsin about Boise State and how they operate and I like the culture of winning and excellence he has. I also got to participate in camp while on my visit, so I got to work with Coach Riddle a bit and I like the way he coaches and how he knows his stuff. They set out to find a blue collar Midwestern hardworking tight end that can block and I’m just blessed they chose me. I’m not exactly sure on how I’ll be used yet we will have to see, but I’ll be blocking and split out and all that. Blocking and being physical are my best strengths. I can catch well but need work on my routes.”

OL Jacob Gardner (Nevada)

“They were my first offer and I’ve received tons of love from Nevada which made it an obvious choice for me. Coach Mclure is a very experienced coach and there’s no doubt that he has helped many people make it to the next level after college football. Plus ever since the staff has been there their record has been steadily getting better and I want to be apart of a conference championship team. I expect to play guard just because of my height and reach but they said if I can play tackle good enough then it won’t be a problem.”

QB Chandler Galban (Nevada)

“When I visited up there it felt like home. I really loved the whole coaching staff especially Coach Norvell and Coach Mumme. The offense is a great fit for me as well. It just felt right to commit to Nevada. Coach Mumme and Coach Norvell have always consistently stayed in contact and have showed interest. They were probably recruiting me the hardest out of most of the offers I have. They’re also great people to just be around as well. I learned that from my official I took last month. Coach Mumme recruited my brother pretty hard so we’ve always had a great relationship with him.”

Recruiting Updates


  • LB Halatoa Tai was offered by Air Force
  • DB Payton Tally was offered by Air Force
  • RB/DB Kosi Agina was offered by Air Force
  • DB/WR Trevon Williams was offered by Air Force
  • 2021 WR/DB DJ Harvey was offered by Fresno State
  • OL/DL Alani Makihele was offered by Hawaii
  • JUCO DB Xavion Steele was offered by Hawaii
  • DB Matthew Gututala was offered by SDSU
  • DB/WR Hunter Escorcia was offered by SJSU
  • DE Ethan Rodriguez was offered by SJSU


  • OL Adam Karas committed to Air Force
  • DE Andrew BoisD’Enghien committed to Air Force
  • DL Sam McNulty committed to Air Force
  • OL Chad Layton Jr. committed to Air Force
  • TE Russell Corrigan committed to Boise State
  • DE Casey Irons committed to Colorado State
  • LB Tanner Blount committed to Fresno State
  • K Matthew Shipley committed to Hawaii
  • OL Jacob Gardner committed to Nevada

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