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Mountain West Conference All Sport Season Champion

Which school had the most successful season across all sports?

NCAA Football: Mountain West Championship-Fresno State at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Memorial Day weekend basically signaled the end of the Mountain West Conference 2018-2019 sports season. Although Fresno State baseball will still be playing in the NCAA tournament, the conference tournament concluded two weekends ago and with it MWC play. Before fall sports start back up with official practices in August, now is as good of a time as any to review each sport by listing the regular season and conference champion.

Last year we did a basic post listing the champion of each sport. This year, we are taking it a step further, crowning one school the conference champion of all sports from this past season.

The scoring isn’t a perfect science and keep in mind it’s all for fun. Don’t get bent out of shape if the team you don’t like scored higher than the team you do like. But if you have an idea for different scoring, feel free to share.

(All champions based on listed info from MWC official site)


Not trying to offend any sports, but some should carry more weight than others. Sports will be split into three levels. Football, men’s and women’s basketball, baseball and softball will all be worth 3 points. The second level will consist of volleyball, and women’s soccer, accounting for two points. The rest will all worth one point. For sports that have regular season and conference tourney champs, each will get full points. Same with ties.


Men’s Cross Country: Boise State (tourney) 1

Women’s Cross Country: New Mexico (tourney) 1

Women’s Soccer: Boise State, New Mexico, Wyoming (tie, regular season), San Jose State (tourney) 2

Women’s Volleyball: Colorado State (regular season) 2

Football: Fresno State (title game) 3

Women’s Swimming and Diving: San Diego State (tourney) 1

Men’s Indoor Track and Field: Colorado State (tourney) 1

Women’s Indoor Track and Field: Colorado State (tourney) 1

Women’s Basketball: Boise State (regular season), Boise State (tourney) 2

Men’s Basketball: Nevada and Utah State (regular season), Utah State (tourney) 2

Women’s Golf: San Diego State (tourney) 1

Men’s Golf: New Mexico (tourney) 1

Men’s Tennis: New Mexico (regular season), Fresno State (tourney) 1

Women’s Tennis: UNLV (tourney) 1

Softball: Colorado State (regular season) 3

Men’s Outdoor Track and Field: Colorado State (tourney) 1

Women’s Outdoor Track and Field: Colorado State (tourney) 1

Baseball: Fresno State (regular season), (tourney) 3


Fresno State: 10

Colorado State: 9

Boise State: 7

New Mexico: 5

Utah State: 4

Wyoming: 2

San Jose State: 2

San Diego State: 2

Nevada: 1


As shown above, 10 of the 11 full members had a championship in something. Air Force was shut out and as Hawaii only competes in football, it’s much more difficult for them to get their name on here. Of the 10 who did score, there’s a line right down the middle between those who dominated across multiple sports this season and those who only managed to succeed in one or two championships. Fresno State edged out Colorado State in total points. However, the Bulldogs had fantastic runs in football, baseball, and men’s basketball, with the former two resulting in conference championships and the latter in a 20-win season.

The Fresno State Bulldogs are the 2019 All sports champions!