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MWC Recruiting Roundup 6-24-19


NCAA Football: UNLV at San Diego State Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

If you follow along on twitter (then you must really like retweets), but you probably also noticed a drastic decrease in offers this past week. However, this was paired with a drastic increase in commitments across the conference. 19 recruits over 8 different teams either committed or announced their commitment this week, by far the most in a week-span so far in the 2020 class. Thus, this was the hardest week so far to decide on which team to put on the cover photo. Nevada had another huge week, Utah State did well, but UNLV led the way in announced commitments. Even though some of theirs committed last week, they take the week.

2019 Cover Photo Total:

  • Nevada: 4
  • Colorado State: 3
  • San Jose State: 2
  • UNLV: 2
  • Fresno State: 1
  • Boise State: 1
  • Utah State: 1
  • Hawaii: 1
  • Air Force: 1

Visit Recap

QB Carl Richardson (Nevada)

“I loved the coaching staff. Loved the offense and had a great time talking scheme with Coach Norvell, Mumme, and Chang. I had been on campus only once before and really enjoyed the tour. Coach Norvell said that he really loved my personality and mental traits as well as my arm strength, accuracy, and athleticism. Coach Norvell said that he thought I could be a great leader of the team. I think it would be a great fit in their offense! I was able to talk scheme with Coach Norvell, Mumme, and Chang, and my high school offense is very similar to what they run with the pistol with four pass catchers, an up-tempo offense with an emphasis on attacking the defense with vertical pass concepts. I’m busy the rest of the summer with Stanford camp tomorrow (Tuesday, June 18), Stanford Junior Day on Wednesday, June 19, Yale camp on July 9th, Princeton camp on July 11th, and Washington State camp on July 27th.”

Commitment Spotlight

OL Kyle Niese (Air Force)

“Some of the biggest factors that went into my decision are how well I fit the build of an offensive lineman at the academy, and how well the academy prepares you for life after football. I would like to study some type of engineering, most likely aeronautical or I would like to become a pilot. They said that they like my aggression and how I can get off the ball and get movement on the defensive lineman across from me, and I think that is also what I will do well as a guard for the academy. I would definitely considered my high school offense a run-heavy offense. Last season we had a really good running back (Sampson James) and it would’ve been silly not to use him heavily.”

RB Hudson Spurlock (Air Force)

“When I took my unofficial to the Air Force Academy, it was obvious that it was the best place for me to be successful whether it’s on the field or after I graduate from the academy. They have really built a culture around winning and it shows, for me, it was a home away from home. Coach Miller was the first coach to reach out to me in the recruiting process and he has been nothing less of a great guy. He is just as pumped about the game as I am. I also got to see first hand what he was like outside of coaching/recruiting when our families had a meal together. Coach Calhoun is also one of the coaches that I really got to know on my trip in Colorado springs. His energy is like no one else’s in the room and I believe the program that he runs is the one I want to be a part of. From being a coach’s kid all of my life, I have a pretty good idea of when coaches really care and when they don’t & the coaches at Air Force care! I will be playing tail back for them in their offense. Coach Miller has said he likes my speed and explosion as well as my athletic ability.”

OL Brandon Hernandez (Boise State)

“Well when I left Boise I knew that that was going to be the place. I had that in mind and then after sleeping on it for a few nights all I could think about was Boise. Boise was just on my mind non-stop and I had the indescribable feeling that people have talked about. I just knew Boise was the place I needed to be! When I called Bedell and committed the first thing he said was ‘YESSSSSSSSS’ and he said that it was the best news he’s heard in a long time which was awesome! When I first get to Boise I’m going to do everything in my power to be prepared to play as a true freshman, which would be a dream of mine! I’m versatile so I can be used at any position on the line but I will thrive at left tackle but Coach Bedell said I need to learn right tackle as well as a backup position. I’m excited to play for him because he will pretty much be my second dad while I’m in college so a lot of it is a respect thing. Furthermore I will to do anything in my power to be able to help my teammates and my position coach and fellow coaches to win a championship. I’m hoping to learn how to perfect my craft and hopefully make it the next level after college. Coach Bedell has experience in the league which goes a long way. Away from football I hope to learn how to be the best man, future father and future husband I can. I’m extremely happy with my decision and I love everything Boise is about. Bleed Blue!!”

LB Hunter Kaupiko (Fresno State)

“When I had my unofficial visit on the 21st we toured the campus and I fell in love with it instantly. First we stoped at the weight room to look around and there was some guys lifting in there and when they were lifting the intensity in that weight room was crazy. They wanted to work; everyone was grinding and that’s the type of guy I am. I grind and soon as I saw that I told my dad this is the place where I wanna be! After that me and my dad had a long talk with Coach Wick the LB coach and we were watching film and I loved the way he coached. The intensity of it was amazing and I was hooked instantly. After that I had a long talk with Coach Tedford the head coach and he was one of the most real coaches I ever met. Not only did he just talk about football but also about my family and just about me and I really liked that. Coach Tedford is the type of coach I wanna play for! After that I took a day to talk with my family about it then a couple hours later I’m a Bulldog!”

OL Frank Poso (Nevada)

“I feel like Coach Mclure and Coach Norvell can really develop me as a player and a person. And visiting this weekend with the family it truly felt like home in Reno. My relationship with the coaches is amazing. They were the first to believe in me and have kept in great contact with me and my family. As far as the scheme that’s up to the coaches, I’m just glad they feel I fit in well with it! I think I will stay at tackle or at least that’s what has been discussed by the coaches. I feel like I bring a lot of power to the run offense.”

OL Grant Starck (Nevada)

“It just felt like a place I wanted to be when I was there and I appreciated how invested and interested in me they were.Them being my first offer and taking that chance on me really meant a lot. Also when we were there on my official it felt like they really wanted me and I wasn’t just another option. I’m pretty sure they plan to keep me at tackle and they told me I fit in very well with their system. My best traits are my football IQ and athleticism, plus I move my feet very well sticking with guys to block”

JUCO DB Tristan West (SJSU)

“Some of the biggest reasons for me is that the coaching staff believed in me enough to give me a chance to play for them and also the location because a lot of my family lives in the Bay Area. They kind of saw what I was about and decided to take a chance on me, even though I’ve been injured for the past few years. They liked my spring film and my technique and energy. I think they want to see me at a nickel position because of my lateral quickness and how I can play in space. Committing felt amazing, I thank God so much for this opportunity!”

DB Kobe Jenkins (UNLV)

“The honesty that came from Coach Erick Brown and Coach Skip when it came to the recruiting process. The belief that I would fit in and be an asset to the UNLV Football program. They didn’t just offer a scholarship, they were honest with me about fitting in as a nickel or safety but wanted to bring that back to the coaching staff before the offer. They explained how I would fit in as one of those position and explained why. They told me they like my size, and they way that I cover with my size. I’m versatile; my best spot would be corner and wide receiver. My elusiveness is at the wide receiver spot, and my ability to cover is at the DB position are skills that I think can translate well at the next level. Overall I’m just super excited about being a Rebel.”

RB Isaiah Afatasi (Utah State)

“One big reason was because they were the first school to offer me and I’ve always told myself I would go to the first school to offer me because they’re the first school that believed in me and also the way that Coach Collins talked to me and the hospitality I’ve felt he not only shown me but my mom as well. Another reason was because it wasn’t too far or too close to home. I wanna get away, but at the same time I don’t want to leave my family, so it was just the perfect location! I’ve very grateful and blessed to have been offered by Utah State. But yeah my relationship with Coach Collins has really grown and he’s straight forward and a down to earth guy! He just expressed how he likes the way I’m a shifty back and can return kicks as well as getting the ball from the backfield! Coach Collins is probably one of the biggest reasons I committed so early! They recruited me to play running back and yes they keep saying that I am a great fit and I will fit in great with the guys.”

Recruiting Updates


  • DB/LB Dishawn Misa was offered by Boise State
  • WR/DB Montana Lemonious-Craig was offered by Boise State
  • 2021 WR Jordyn Williams was offered by Colorado State
  • LB Akana Tausilli was offered by Hawaii
  • LB Darrell Masaniai was offered by Hawaii
  • WR Joshua Lorick was offered by Hawaii and SJSU
  • WR Miles Williams was offered by Nevada
  • OL Miles Meynell was offered by SJSU
  • ATH CJ Jones was offered by SJSU
  • ATH Teddye Buchanan was offered by SJSU
  • JUCO LB Dion Leonard was offered by SJSU
  • 2021 WR Xavier Worthy was offered by SJSU
  • 2021 WR/DB Zakhari Spears was offered by SJSU
  • DE/TE Josh Hilton was offered by UNLV
  • WR Kody Epps was offered by UNLV
  • ATH Ryan Morgan was offered by UNLV
  • OL/DL Patrick Selna was offered by UNLV
  • OL George Maile was offered by Utah State
  • DE Tupou Maile was offered by Utah State
  • OL/DL Frank Poso was offered by Wyoming


  • OL James Maae visited Nevada
  • DB/WR Jordyn Morgan visited Nevada


  • OL Kyle Niese committed to Air Force
  • RB Hudson Spurlock committed to Air Force
  • OL Brandon Hernandez committed to Boise State
  • WR Mac Dalena committed to Fresno State
  • TE/DE Duncan Smith committed to Fresno State
  • LB Hunter Kaupiko committed to Fresno State
  • RB Clarence Dalton committed to Nevada
  • OL Grant Starck committed to Nevada
  • QB Chandler Galban committed to Nevada
  • OL Frank Poso committed to Nevada
  • WR Cassius Savage committed to SDSU
  • JUCO DB Tristan West committed to SJSU
  • DB Koby Jenkins committed to UNLV
  • ATH Justin Pinkney committed to UNLV
  • LB Jabaz Myles committed to UNLV
  • WR/DB Ronald Gilliam committed to UNLV
  • RB Isaiah Afatasi committed to Utah State
  • DB Upton Stout committed to Utah State
  • TE Nick Miles committed to Wyoming

DL Nofoafia Tulafono named a top 5 that includes New Mexico, UNLV, and Wyoming

OL Leke Asenuga named a top 11 that includes Utah State and Boise State

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