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MWCConnection Roundtable: Who are the 2020 draft prospects?

Our team looks ahead to next year’s draft.

NCAA Football: New Mexico Bowl-North Texas vs Utah State Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

This week’s roundtable discussion is short, simple, and to the point. Following the 2019 NFL Draft, who (in your opinion) are a few players from each team in the MWC who have the potential to be drafted in 2020? Feel free to include what round you could see them going in as well as teams or schemes they might fit the best.

Utah State

QB Jordan Love (Round 1-3)

RB Gerold Bright

WR Savon Scarver

LB David Woodward (Round 1-3)

DE Tipa Galeai

K Dominik Eberle

S Shaq Bond

Boise State

STUD Curtis Weaver (Rounds 1-2)

LT Ezra Cleveland (Rounds 1-3)

WR John Hightower (Rounds 4-7)

S Kekoa Nawahine (Rounds 6-7)

NT Sontane Lui (Round 7)

LG John Molchon (Rounds 4-7)

C Garrett Larson (Rounds 4-7)

DT David Moa (Round 7)

Fresno State

LB Mykal Walker (Rounds 2-3)

S Juju Hughes (Rounds 4-7)

CB Jaron Bryant (Rounds 3-5)

TE/WR Jared Rice (Rounds 4-7)

P Blake Cusick (Rounds 6-7)

WR Derrion Grim (Rounds 4-7)

TE Cam Sutton (Rounds 6-7)

San Diego State

RB Juwan Washington (Round 3-4)

LB Kyahva Tezino (Rounds 5-7)

CB Kyree Woods (Rounds 4-7)

S Tariq Thompson (Rounds 3-5

Colorado State

WR - Warren Jackson (Round 5-7)

TE - Cameron Butler (Rounds 5-7)

WR - Nate Craig-Myers (Rounds 5-7)

DE - Jalen Bates (Rounds 5-7)

New Mexico

DT Aaron Blackwell (7th Round)

LB Alex Hart (7th Round).