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MountainTop View 5-24-19

Fresh Friday Links!

Links before the weekend!


With the season coming up fast, it’s time for per-season predictions and rankings. It should comes as no surprise to find Boise State leading the way in many people’s picks. The Broncos are a favorite entering the season, followed closely by Fresno State.

Fresno State’s million-dollar question: How to get Millennials, Gen-Xers into Bulldogs sports

Maintain interest in a university and it’s athletics can be difficult at times. Especially when the times, and the people are constantly changing. This is the battle that Fresno State currently find themselves in. They are trying to maintain the interest of it’s younger fans. But this proves to be a more difficult task then one would think.

UNM: Gaffe allowed some football season-ticket holders not to pay donations

Many UNM season ticket holders were caught by surprise when they logged in to purchase their season tickets for the upcoming season. There was an additional $250 “donation fee” that was required. This has many fans wondering if the price of admission is worth the product on the field.

Lobo-Aggie athletics merger proposed

Imagine if you could, a United collegiate football team in New Mexico. This sounds like a crazy idea, but it just might become a reality. While this idea may never come to pass, it is an interesting this to think about.