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Mountaintop View 5-20-19

Players to watch, transfer portal, Softball, Spartan scholarships, softball, more scholarships.

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NCAA Football: Army at San Jose State Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome, welcome. To another Monday filled with new links and a preview of our content we are rolling out this week. Enjoy!

Must watch non-Power 5 players.

Utah State QB Jordan Love and Hawaii QB Cole McDonald are the MWC players mentioned in this article by the Athletic. For Love, the article wonders how he will adjust to a new coaching staff and new offensive scheme, but don’t question his production from last season. With McDonald, they highlight the huge numbers he put up in the 2018 season and expect him to do so again come the fall.

Transfer Portal not a magic cure for everyone.

Transferring in college football is more prevalent than ever, it’s easier than ever. However, it’s also less successful than ever for many players. It’s a giant game of musical chairs and many players are are left without a chair when the music stops. For one, most teams don’t have room to take on transfers and secondly, many of the transfers don’t have much playing experience and are kind of unknowns.

Broncos softball has weekend highs and lows.

The good news is the Boise State softball team beat Stanford twice over the weekend, including one in dominating fashion. The bad news is they lost to #5 Florida twice this weekend, including one in dominating fashion. Still, they proved they belonged after many saying they didn’t deserve to get in and they picked up their first two ever regional wins and first ever regional championship appearance. It was a successful season.

San Jose State scholarship donations being misused?

There are growing allegations that money donated to be used for athletic scholarships have instead been used for perks for coaches in the form of bonuses or cars and other things. The school newspaper is reporting only 4.4% of donations actually went to their intended purpose. The school will conduct an audit in attempts to get to the bottom of things. If true, this is a bad look for a program trying to rise from the bottom.

Speaking of transfers, should the 25 player cap be raised due to transfers?

On the horizon:

  • Later today: A new MWC Recruiting Roundup, full of the latest offers and a new featured recruit.
  • Later today: A look at the Track and Field Conference Championship.
  • Coming Tuesday: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly looks at the state of each school’s football programs.
  • Coming Tuesday: The debut of a new series we will feature from time to time called Player-run Posts.
  • Coming Wednesday: A new Peak Perspective post.