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Boise State Projected Depth Chart

We take a shot at projecting the depth chart for the opener against Florida State

NCAA Football: Boise State at Wyoming Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

With spring ball behind us, there is plenty of uncertainty surrounding the Boise State football team. Who will start at quarterback? What is the new defense going to look like? Where does the STUD fit into this equation? I put together a projected depth chart, but there are a few things to keep in mind: linebackers are interchangeable, there is some uncertainty over where Khafari Buffalo will play, there is nobody listed at nickle and only one player listed at OLB. I did my best to put the puzzle together. The first player below each position is a projected starter, followed by backup, third string, etc.


Chase Cord

Jaylon Henderson

Hank Bachmeier (I still think Bachmeier will see the field)

Running Back

Andrew Van Buren

Robert Mahone

George Holani

Wide Receiver

John Hightower

Octavius Evans

Wide Receiver

CT Thomas

Akilian Butler

Wide Receiver

Khalil Shakir

Stefan Cobbs

Billy Bowens

Tight End

John Bates

Tyneil Hopper

Austin Griffin

Garrett Collingham or

Matt Pistone

Left Tackle

Ezra Cleveland

Nick Crabtree

Left Guard

John Molchon

Dallas Holliday


Garrett Larson

Kekaniokoa Holomalia-Gonzalez

Right Guard

Eric Quevedo

Dallas Holliday

Right Tackle

John Ojukwu

Kole Bailey

Defensive End/STUD

Curtis Weaver

Chase Hatada

Demitri Washington

Defensive Tackle

David Moa

Matt Locher

Jabari Watson

Scott Matlock

Nose Tackle

Sontane Lui or

Scale Igiehon

Emmanuel Feseli


Riley Whimpey

Phillip Mills


Zeke Noa

Benton Wickersham


Brandon Hawkins

Casey Kline

(Note: Linebacker was the hardest to project. Wickersham will probably start with Noa and Whimpey to begin the season)


Kekaula Kaniho

Roman Kafentzis


DeAndre Pierce

Tyreque Jones

Khafari Buffalo


Kekoa Nawahine

Jordan Happle

Evan Tyler


Avery Williams

Khafari Buffalo

Tyric LeBeauf


Jalen Walker

Chris Mitchell

Marques Evans


Joel Velazquez


Joel Velazquez

Kickoff Returner

John Hightower or

Khalil Shakir

Punt Returner

Avery Williams or

Khalil Shakir

There were a ton of positions that were difficult to predict. It is hard to project what Boise State has at linebacker, as much of the depth is unproven at this point. There is so much depth at wide receiver and the defensive line, that there will likely be a ton of rotating. What do you guys think? Who do you see climbing up the depth chart?