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Peak Perspective: Rating recently announced MWC non-conference games.

Look at some games waayyy down the line.

NCAA Football: Georgia State at Air Force Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Quite a few future out of conference games have been announced over the past month between the MWC and the rest of the college football world. Some are potentially big matchups, others are more filler games or gimme games to get an early-season win. This article will share a few thoughts on each announced matchup as well as analyze what category each game falls into and how it rates for that team.

Colorado State vs Texas (away 2024)

Category: Payout game

General thoughts: This is an exciting game that’s now on the calendar for the Rams. They can use this as a recruiting tool as this year’s recruiting class will be fifth-year seniors when the game actually comes. It’s a chance to compete against one of the storied programs in college football and although both teams could look much different by then, Colorado State could give them a game and anything can happen in the first game of the season. Plus, they get a sweet payout for their troubles. All in all, there’s a lot to like about this deal, even a win is a pipe-dream.

Chances to win: Low

UNLV vs Army (home 2024, away 2028)

Category: Competitive

General thoughts: The Rebels went outside the conference to find two games over the next decade that they have a good chance to win. The idea of finding another middle of the conference team to play a home and home against is a smart one, as they’ve had enough of the get destroyed for a payday games over the years. Who knows what kind of team UNLV will be, but there is little doubt Army will be anything but their usual triple-option selves in the years to come.

Chances to win: Medium

Fresno State vs Idaho State (home 2020)

Category: Gimme game

General thoughts: Fresno State has had some tougher OOC games as of late. Last year they played two P5 teams and it’s always a good thing to play good competition and have a chance to get some national attention. On the other side, it’s smart to balance out those games with a few easier games and beat up on some lesser competition. That’s what they will get in Idaho State in two seasons for what will be a younger team.

Chances to win: High

Nevada vs Idaho State (home 2021)

Category: Gimme game

General thoughts: See above. Seriously, everything said about Fresno State holds true for Nevada as well. Being the same team and it really really holds true.

Chances to win: High

San Diego State vs Idaho State (home 2022, home 2023)

Category: Gimme game

General thoughts: Scheduling Idaho State isn’t the problem here, as they should be a nice win for the Aztecs, who routinely schedule PAC-12 opponents in the rest of their out of conference games. But it is a bit interesting they scheduled them two years in a row. Now they are both at home and if it wasn’t Idaho State in 2023, it probably would’ve been a team just like it. Still, it sticks out a bit.

Chances to win: High

Boise State vs Southern Florida (away 2025, home 2027)

Category: Competitive

General thoughts: This could all change in 7-9 years but USF is a good program. Now out of the two, Boise State has a larger body of success on their resume and is a safer bet to still be a solid team when the games actually come around. But games can only be judged on when they are scheduled and as of right now, Southern Florida is as of good of a team to schedule a home and home as anyone. Additional though, but it seems like every Boise State home and home involves them getting the back half of the home game.

Chances to win: Fairly high

Your turn: What are your thoughts on the games above? Did we miss any? Comment below.