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Mountaintop View 4-22-19

Position switches, eligibility, money, Falcons, and sadness.

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NCAA Football: Georgia State at Air Force Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

And once again, Monday sneaks up on all of us. Never fear, we have the latest and greatest news from around the Mountain West Conference for you today. Check it out.

Cureton making the switch... to defense.

Kaymen Cureton had lots of schools courting him, but mainly for defense. Instead, he opted to attempt to be a quarterback at Nevada. After two seasons and starting two college football games at that spot, he is now making the switch many college coaches envisioned for him. He is now working hard this spring to earn a starting spot at one of the defensive back spots in the Nevada defense, and the depth is a bit short at those spots so it works well. His knowledge of offenses could help him. Keep an eye out for him.

NCAA grants Lobo one more year.

The NCAA doesn’t often get a ton right, but it did this time. New Mexico senior guard Anthony Mathis was granted an additional year of eligibility last week. This was based on how he was used (or wasn’t used) during the last year of Craig Neal’s tenure. Also, Mathis has the option of either staying at New Mexico or grad-transferring to another school for his final season.

NCAA, athletes now one step closer to settlement.

A panel of judges ruled 3-0 against an appeal. This moves one road block to over 50,000 former players receiving shares of $208 million, which is a lot of money in case you weren’t aware. The players are coming from sports of football, plus men’s and women’s basketball. This is stemming from players who weren’t around before full cost of tuition scholarships were established. It could also allow conferences to decide how athletes are compensated.

Air Force trying to reestablish identity.

Chris Vannini of The Athletic is looking at some of the Group of 5 teams this offseason and in this edition, he looks at the Falcons. He outlines how after two straight 5-7 seasons, Calhoun and his bunch are looking to get back to being a consistent bowl eligible team. Following spring practices, he called it the most productive spring he’s ever had. The first step is consistency at the QB spot and each position is broken down as well. It’s worth the read.

In heartbreaking news, Wyoming football signee missing at sea.

In some of the saddest news you’ll hear this week, a high school player who signed to play football at Wyoming was missing at sea in California. He fell off a boogey-board and friends called 911 about a drowning. Won’t list the name here but can read it in the article. Terrible for the family and all involved.

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