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Mountaintop View 3-27-19

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

HUMP DAY! Get your Wednesday links hot off the presses.

Boise State revamping special teams.

To say the special teams play for Boise State last season was horrendous would be an understatement. They are starting from scratch in some ways this spring. They have new coordinators, are tearing down and building up how they tackle and block and cover on the units. They are also trying to inspire the best players on the team to get involved in the units.

Broncos see attendance increase in overall poor year for MWC.

Attendance in college football has been experiencing a downward trend for quite a few years and for quite a few reasons. Boise State was one of the few schools that saw an increase this year, a 5.9% increase to be exact. That went against the disappointing norm in the Mountain West last year, which saw a decrease of 4.4% and it’s average attendance of 23,862 was the lowest EVER in its history.

Only one practice a week is helpful?

It’s an interesting philosophy by Mike Neighbors, the head women’s basketball coach at Arkansas. He had long thought that it was difficult to have quality and cohesive practices with injuries, so he had the idea to schedule only one practice a week starting in December. If players couldn’t practice on Wednesday, then they didn’t play that week. He noticed his team got in a nice routine of recovery, preparation, and playing in games. It’s quite interesting.

New Mexico starts spring practice.

The Lobos opened practice yesterday, which was open to the media as well as the fans. Coach Davie sounded excited about getting back to the basics in drills and emphasized his “whole-part-whole” strategy, refusing to name standouts of the day. However, many of the injured players returned to the field, which should help the competition this spring.

On the horizon:

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  • Later today: Peak Perspective: Evaluating MWC Coaches
  • Coming Thursday: a new Blast from the Bronco Past
  • Coming Friday: The Hawaii spring football preview