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MountainTop View 3-22-19

Fresno's Next Step, Boise’s Turf Troubles, NMSU Opens Spring Football, and CSU’s Culture Change

BSU Linebacker Riley Whimpey Is Down After Suffering An Injury Vs. BYU on November 3, 2018
Chris Bronson/Idaho Press

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A strategic step backward has Bulldogs linebacker taking significant step forward this spring

Fresno’s Justin Rice is looking for new ways to get on the field this upcoming season. After seeing limited playing time last season, Rice is ready to make his mark on the MWC. Justin took advantage of an NCAA rule that allowed him to retain his redshirt season so long as he only played in four games last season. With those four games in the books, Rice is now free to enjoy to more seasons with a bigger role in his team’s defense.

After another ACL Injury, Boise State’s New Blue Turf Can’t Come Soon Enough

This is not the kind of reputation you want your stadium to have. But this is the reality of the situation for Boise State. In the past 8 months, there has been four ACL injuries that have taken place on the blue turf of Albertsons’ Stadium. The good news is that the turf is being replaced, and it is coming soon. With this transition coming, the hope is that the number of injuries will go down. For all of our sakes, let’s hope that is the case.

Food on the line in New Mexico State spring football game

Food is often seen as the great motivator. Or at least that’s what NMSU head coach Doug Martin hoped.

Mike Bobo refuses to put a Band-Aid on Colorado State football, and player ownership is a big reason why

CSU’s last season rocky to say this least. Now this has given rise to a player meeting with their coach. Bobo is requesting that his players take on more responsibility this season in order to help rebuild the culture in their football culture. With this new accountability program in place, we’ll see what changes are on the horizon for the Rams.

On The Horizon

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