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Blast From the Bronco Past: Chase Baker

Catching up with one of the best interior lineman in Boise State history

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We are starting a new series where we catch up with some of the greatest Broncos in recent memory. This week, I had the pleasure of catching up with former defensive lineman Chase Baker. Baker starred on some of the best Boise State teams and played alongside some other Bronco legends. Baker starred for the Broncos from 2008-2011 and had over 100 tackles and six sacks on his career and helped anchor one of the best defensive lines in the nation. Let’s revisit Baker’s time as a Bronco and see what he is up to today.

Zach: Chase, you were part of the greatest Bronco teams of all time. What made those teams so special?

Chase: We had phenomenal culture! We competed in everything we did. We held each other to the highest standard and had each other’s back. We did things the right way with a chip on our shoulder and always rose to the occasion.

Zach: Your entire defensive line played in the NFL. Were you a tight knit group? How did you make each other better?

Chase: Of course. We knew our roles and responsibilities, and we respected and loved each other so much that we refused to let any individual perform below expectations. No one wanted to be the guy to disappoint Coach K or the guys in our room.

Zach: I have to ask...What was it like going against Kellen Moore in practice?

Chase: I wouldn’t say we ever really got to go against Kellen. We’d smoke the O-line, stay far away from Kellen, and admire his throws. It was a thing of beauty though.

Zach: Who was the best offensive lineman you ever faced in practice?

Chase: I remember struggling against Jon Gott my freshman year...

Zach: Do you think Boise State can ever regain the dominance it had during your time on campus? If so, what will they need to do to get there?

Chase: With the caliber of athletes we are able to recruit now and the state-of-the-art facilities, I’d hope so! But maybe that’s the issue. If we don’t win the MWC next year, I say send ‘em back to the old locker room with 2 toilets.

Zach: Looking forward to the coming season, it looks like the defensive line should be the strongest group on the team. What are your thoughts on that unit? Who stands out to you?

Chase: I saw some young talent out there making a difference last year because of injuries. Now I want to see those guys take the next step and begin dominating. I’m excited we get Moa for another season and expect to see him and Weaver step up as leaders. And maybe it’s a Rocklin bias, but I think Hatada will make an impact as a starter.

Zach: What are your thoughts on Andy Avalos leaving? What do you want to see from the next defensive coordinator?

Chase: I’m happy for him! That’s obviously a big loss for the team, but you have to be happy for a Boise guy who did an amazing job and is rightfully getting his shot at a “big time” program. I just hope the next coordinator brings his own flavor of Bronco football. As long as we stop the run and get after the QB, we’ll be ok.

Zach: What are you up to these days? What would you like to say to Bronco Nation?

Chase: I’ve been building an athletic evaluation platform ( for the last few years, and we are getting close to a finished product! I’m also having spinal fusion surgery in a few weeks and will be playing a lot of CoD, so add me on PS4 and Twitch, Kuala91. Bronco Nation, I miss you and will always be grateful for my time on The Blue!

Make sure you give Chase a follow on Twitter @chasebaker91, and stay tuned for next week’s edition of “Blast From the Bronco Past.”