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Mountaintop View 2-4-19

Great food, returning production,

NCAA Football: Hawaii Bowl-Louisiana Tech vs Hawaii Steven Erler-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the Monday after the Super Bowl and we are now without actual real live football games until the fall. Never fear, another round of Mountain West Conference related links are here! Take a look at what we have for you today and this week.

Play in paradise and have great food?

Great tasting food and variety, all in a college campus? Plus living in Hawaii. The dream has become a reality thanks to Sodexo stepping up their food game. The changes were made by... wait for it... asking students what they wanted in a food provider. What a great idea. The Rainbow Warriors have now overhauled their offense and food services, what will they do next?

MWC returning production.

The mothership actually looks at all of college football, but we are focusing on the MWC. A few to list here. Hawaii returns more production than anyone at 79% (good for 9th in the nation), and UNLV returns 68% (39th). On that not so optimistic side, Utah State returns 54% (104th), Colorado State 45% (125th), and Fresno State 38% (129th). This may be a very initial baseline for where to start setting expectations for next season.

20 teams on the rise for 2019.

It’s February and we are getting offseason type articles because we don’t have anything better to do and are going to read them anyway. Hawaii is listed here, citing the QB combo of McDonald and Corderio as well as the receivers like Byrd and Ward who should put up big numbers. The article also mentions how the defense should take a step forward.

Rams standout Williams among those not invited to NFL combine.

Preston Williams will likely hear his name called when the NFL draft happens a few months from now. However, he did not heard his named called for the NFL combine. This is due to his past with domestic violence, which was back in September of 2017. Neither he nor his agent could be reached for comment.

2019 Senior Bowl Team.

If there’s another thing we love to read, no matter how relevant it is or isn’t, it’s lists. So here’s the list of stand outs from the Senior Bowl this year. Dax Raymond makes the list as the tight end. He’s the only MWC player, but I know you’re going to click on the link and read the list anyway.

On the horizon:

  • Later today: The latest MWC Recruiting Roundup, hear from some of the latest commits and weekend visitors.
  • Coming Tuesday: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly season review series looks at the offensive linemen and tight end play from this season.
  • Coming Wednesday: Signing Day round 2 is here!