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MWC Recruiting Roundup 2-25-19

The Sleeper Prospect Edition.

NCAA Football: Colorado State at Air Force Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Well after saying most teams weren’t active in recruiting things picked up again this week as teams seemingly set out to prove me wrong and hand out a bunch of offers. Nevada, SJSU, and UNLV were the schools with the most offers by far, with a few others sprinkled in. Air Force picked up a 2020 commit, the third in the Mountain West in the 2020 cycle, so they grab the lead photo. In addition to all the recruiting updates, we also have a list of 2019 sleeper prospects, who we think are good bets to play above their recruiting rankings once they get on the field.

2019 Sleeper Prospects

I know originally I said this would be the week to start looking at recruits in the 2020 class, but I’ve decided to push that back until next week when we are in March. Instead, I found a way to keep February fully looking at the completed 2019 class. We will end the month by listing some of the biggest sleeper prospects in MWC classes this season. This isn’t a ranked list and by no means is it an all-inclusive list. But it’s only right we list some of the recruits we think will end up being better than their ranking by the time they leave school.

TE Caden Blum (Air Force)

LB Devonte Bridges (Fresno State)

WR Jamal Galspie (Fresno State)

QB Zach Daniel (Hawaii)

LB Zach Bowers (Hawaii)

DE Javasia Brunson (Nevada)

DE Liloa Kapiko (SDSU)

RB Adi Anderson (SJSU)

WR Malikhi Miller (SJSU)

DB Austin Fiaseu (UNLV)

QB Travis Mumphrey (UNLV)

LB Jaymason Willingham (Utah State)

RB Dawaiian McNeely (Wyoming)

DE Jaylon Pate (Wyoming)

Commitment Spotlight:

DE Samuel Petersen (Air Force)

“I’ve always wanted to go to a military academy and play football there. The reason behind that was my grandpa is a Vietnam veteran with 3 Purple Hearts and a bronze star with a V device for valor. When I went to the Air Force academy, and was able to see the academy in person, and hear of all the benefits of being in the Air Force, I realized that it was the place I wanted to go. I had been doing my research and I really liked how USAFA was a lot more open to sending cadets to Med School. Going to the academy gave me a better opportunity to attend medical school, a degree from a very prestigious university, I really liked the environment around the school, everything from landscape to the cadets. I also loved the coaching staff, coach Calhoun, Jamison, and Thiessen, and how they were so kind and open with me about everything the academy entailed. I felt like the mountain west was also an amazing conference to play for, and that it would be a lot of fun being able to play against high caliber teams. I feel like the coaches genuinely care about me, and with all the recruits they brought in. And things they’ve said about me is that they feel like I’m a perfect fit within their program. Coach Jamison after watching my film commented on how he loved the way I got after it on the gridiron, and how I didn’t let anyone stop me.”

Recruiting Updates:


  • TE Cole Finney was offered by Air Force
  • ATH Kaden Cobbs was offered by Air Force
  • ATH Sawyer Racanelli was offered by Boise State
  • OL Adam Karas was offered by Colorado State
  • WR Antonio Barber was offered by Colorado State
  • 2021 ATH Jack Howell was offered by Colorado State
  • 2021 QB Peter Manuma was offered by Hawaii
  • DB Jayden Davis was offered by Nevada
  • OL Dirk Nelson was offered by Nevada
  • OL/DL Jeffrey Persi was offered by Nevada and Utah State
  • WR/DB Montana Lemonious-Craig was offered by Nevada
  • 2021 LB Zephaniah Maea was offered by Nevada
  • 2022 QB AJ Duffy was offered by Nevada
  • DE/TE Matt Lowe was offered by SJSU
  • CB James Smith was offered by SJSU
  • OL/DL Marcus Miller was offered by SJSU
  • OL Andres Dewerk was offered by SJSU
  • ATH Silas Bolden was offered by SJSU
  • ATH Trey Paster was offered by SJSU
  • OL Nofoafia Tulafono was offered by UNLV
  • LB Bam Amina was offered by UNLV
  • ATH Rome Odunze was offered by UNLV
  • OL Drake Metcalf was offered by UNLV
  • LB Jackson Laduke was offered by UNLV
  • RB Marshawn Buchanan was offered by UNLV
  • DB/WR Justin Anderson was offered by Utah State


  • DE Samuel Petersen committed to Air Force

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