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Mountaintop View 2-19-19

AP poll, transfer news, player of the week!

NCAA Basketball: Fresno State at UNLV Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to another Tuesday, folks. As always we have some articles for you this morning. We have some new transfer news in MW football as well as a new player of the week in basketball. We also have an interesting article on a possible BSU basketball reunion.

Week 16 AP poll

Nevada continues to hover around the 6-7 spots as they move up one spot to 6th this week. After losing to Kentucky, Tennessee has fallen from the top spot down to 5th while Duke is back on top. Nevada is tied with other top 10 team, Houston, for the least losses in all of college hoops. As always Nevada is the only MW team getting votes.

Boise St. reunion with $2 million on the line?

Some of the best players to ever be coached by Leon Rice may be reuniting to enter “The Basketball Tournament”. This Summer 5 on 5 tournament will be televised on ESPN with a grand prize of $2 million. Players showing interest include Ryan Watkins, Derrick Marks, Anthony Drmic, James Webb, Rob Heyer, Christian Sengfelder, Lexus Williams and Zach Haney. The alumni team would play in Salt Lake City in late July. The only thing holding up the reunion is money to cover travel costs. If these Boise St. legends come together it is sure to be a fun watch this summer.

Colorado St. lands ASU transfer

Colorado St. has added depth to their defensive line by adding Jalen Bates. Bates comes from Arizona State via the transfer market and will play his final year of college football for the Rams. He will be eligible to play this fall as a graduate transfer. Last year Bates tallied 31 tackles and 6 tackles for loss in 13 games for the Sun Devils.

Jalen McDaniels continues to have huge year for Aztecs

Jalen McDaniels has come out playing his best ball since conference play has started. The turnaround seems to have come after Christmas break where McDaniels, his family, and his trainer got together to talk about his game. Clint Parks, his trainer said “I thought he wasn’t playing hard enough.” Whatever was said over that break sure worked, in his last 12 games the NBA prospect is averaging 19.9 PPG and 10.3 RPG on 53.9% shooting. Those last 12 games also included a streak of 6 straight double-doubles. Parks says McDaniels has just kept working and working. Clearly it is paying off, McDaniels is playing well and the Aztecs have won 6 of their last 7 games as NBA scouts continue to show up to watch.

Braxton Huggins wins player of the week

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