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MWC Recruiting Roundup 2-18-19. Best position by team edition.

Which teams landed the best position groups in this class?

NCAA Football: Colorado State at Air Force Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

February continues to be a month of transition in the recruiting world. We will continue to break down the 2019 recruiting classes this week and next week and will also look at the best position groups by teams. All the while teams keep handing out 2020 offers. Or at least some of them are. Utah State and Wyoming seemed to remember recruiting was a thing this week, which is more than most teams (as the rest are likely either evaluating 2020 recruits or else just taking a break, as much as they can in recruiting). However, one team seems to be going full speed ahead in the offers department: Air Force.

Position Groups


Boise State

  • They secured the best quarterback in the class, plus another very good one who would arguably end up somewhere in the top 5 QB commits in the MWC.

Running backs:

Boise State

  • Again, the Broncos got the best running back in the conference this season. They also took another, who is probably the second best running back in the conference, but no lower than third. Two four-start RB commits and this isn’t very close.

Wide Receivers:

Colorado State

  • The Rams prioritized wide receivers this year and it shows. While Fresno State unquestionably has the best WR commit in this class, Colorado State has the depth.

Tight Ends:


  • The Wolf Pack found quite the difference maker at the tight end spot and will likely be a four-year contributor. They take this going away.

Offensive Line:

San Diego State

  • The Aztecs consistently recruit and develop great offensive linemen. This year is more of the same, as they added quality high school OL players and a great PAC12 grad-transfer.

Defensive Ends:


  • The Wolf Pack brought in a dynamic duo at both defensive end positions and they should be a force to be reckoned with for multiple years to come.

Defensive Tackles:

Air Force

  • Interior linemen were at a premium in this recruiting cycle. However, the Falcons were able to come away with a pretty good pair of player.


Boise State

  • Bringing in two linebackers who have the ability to not only play, but potentially excel, right away seals the deal on this position.


Colorado State

  • The Rams again made this spot a priority and locked down the best tandem of lock-downs in the Mountain West for their 2019 class.


Fresno State

  • This was easily the toughest position to decide on, as two or three other teams were strongly considered. But the Bulldogs brought in a good deal of talent here and although not all may end up as safeties, they are a nice future secondary.

Special Teams:

Utah State

  • They were able to bring in a kicker, punter, and long snapper in this class, which is a feat in itself. Plus, there’s some talent with each of the players.


  • Teams were rewarded for having multiple players at a position (the sum of the talents weighed greater than an individual in some cases)

Recruiting Updates


  • DE Samuel Petersen was offered by Air Force
  • WR Sterling Stokes was offered by Air Force
  • DB/WR Tyson McWilliams was offered by Air Force
  • DB Evan Eller was offered by Air Force
  • OL EJ Wilson was offered by Air Force
  • DB Mason Chambers was offered by Air Force
  • LB Wistar Allen was offered by Air Force
  • DB/WR Maxen Hook was offered by Air Force
  • LB Jay Higgins was offered by Air Force
  • OL Devin Kylany was offered by Air Force
  • OL D’Angalo Titialii was offered by Air Force
  • OL Logan Bruce was offered by Air Force
  • OL Keanu Tanuvasa was offered by Utah State
  • ATH Nate Ritchie was offered by Utah State
  • DB/WR Isaac White was offered by Wyoming
  • Nick Miles was offered by Wyoming

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