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MWC Coaching Carousel Tracker 2019-2020

Check here for the latest news/rumors in regards to Mountain West football coaches.

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This article is dedicated to updating the latest happenings in regards to the coaching carousel in the MWC.

So be sure to check here daily for the latest news.

Vacant Positions:



  • UNLV will hire Terrence Samuel as their WR coach/passing game coordinator.


  • UNLV will hire Chad Kauha’aha’a as their DL coach.


  • San Jose State hired Josh Oglesby as their OL coach
  • Air Force hired Curome Cox as their DB coach


  • San Diego State hired Savai’i Eselu as their TE coach.


  • Air Force hired Bill Sheridan as DL coach.


  • San Diego State hired Kyle Hoke as their safeties coach.
  • Air Force DB coach Chip Vaughn was hired by the New York Jets.


  • San Diego State hired Jordan Thomas as their DL coach.
  • Troy Calhoun is rumored to be a top candidate for the Colorado job.


  • Kansas has hired Air Force TE coach Jonathan Wallace as their RB/ST coach.
  • Hawaii hired Tony Hull as their RB coach from Kansas.


  • Air Force named Del Cowsette assistant defensive line coach.


  • Hawaii announced the hiring of three staff.


  • Wyoming hired Jay Sawvel (DC), Marty English (Defensive Ends), Benny Boyd (CBs), and promoted Pete Kaligis (defensive run game coordinator)


  • Utah State reportedly hired Dave Schramm as their RB coach.


  • Air Force has reportedly hired Bill Sheridan as DL coach.


  • Boise State announced Winston Venable as their RB coach.
  • San Diego State reportedly has a new TEs coach.


  • San Diego State hired Jeff Hecklinski as their OC.
  • Hawaii hired GJ Kinne as their OC.
  • Nevada hired Ronnie Wheat as their Safeties coach.
  • Fresno State hired Julius Brown as their Huskies position coach and recruiting coordinating


  • Nevada hired Freddie Banks as their CB coach.
  • Hawaii hired Dan Phillips as Special Teams and a defensive assistant.


  • Nevada hired Brian Ward as their DC.
  • Hawaii hired Sam Bennet as an offensive assistant.


  • Colorado State announced the hiring of Cody Booth (TEs) and Kenny Guiton (WR)
  • A report says former UNLV coach Tony Sanchez interviewed for the Boise State RB opening.


  • New Mexico hired Rocky Long as their DC and LB coach.
  • Hawaii hired Victor Santa Cruz as their DC.
  • Fresno State announced hirings of William Inge (DC), Eric Schmidt (DL & Special Teams), Chuck Morrell (Safeties), Lee Marks (RB)


  • Nevada hired OL coach Bill Best.
  • Fresno State announced JD Williams as their CBs coach and defensive pass game coordinator.
  • Hawaii will hire Abe Elimimian as a defensive coach.


  • Nevada hired Thomas Sheffield as the Special Teams Coordinator
  • Coach Yoro will be retained by Hawaii


  • Todd Graham is under reportedly under consideration for the Hawaii HC position.
  • Robert Anae has withdrawn his name from the Hawaii HC job.
  • Hawaii coach Mark Banker will be the safeties coach at Washington State.
  • New Mexico OL coach Saga Tuitele will be the new OL coach at Army.
  • UNLV names Peter Hansen the ILB and DC.
  • Hawaii hired Todd Graham as their new Head Coach.


  • DC Jake Dickert, DE/co-special teams AJ Cooper, and CB John Richardson are going to Washington State.


  • OL coach Mark Weber is leaving Hawaii for Washington State.
  • WR coach Kirby Moore was announced for Fresno State


  • Hawaii special teams coordinator is leaving for the same position at Washington State.


  • Boise State announced Matt Miller as the WR coach.
  • It is reported that Robert Anae is a candidate for Hawaii.
  • Hawaii LB Mark Banker will interview for the Hawaii coaching job.
  • Fresno State announced Roman Sapolu as the OL coach.


  • Boise State WR coach Eric Kiesau was named the OC/QB coach at Boise State.
  • Colorado State announced: Chuck Heater (DC), Louie Addazio (OL), Sean Cronin (ILB), Anthony Perkins (CB), and Antoine Smith (DL).
  • Utah State named Bodie Reeder the OC and QB coach. Stacy Collins and Franke Maile will be the co-DCs. Justin Ena is no longer DC but will coach inside LBs.
  • Montana State OC Matt Miller is reported to be named the Boise State WR coach.


  • Colorado State announced the hirings of Brian White (OC/QB) and Joey Lynch (assistant head coach/RBs).


  • Nevada special teams coach Tommy Perry is expected to leave to go to UTSA.
  • Hawaii head coach Nick Rolovich has left to become the head coach at Washington State.


  • SDSU DC Zach Arnett is taking the same position at Syracuse.


  • New Mexico announced the majority of their coaching staff today. The following were either hired or retained: Derek Warehime (OC), David Howes (LB), Saga Tuitele (OL), Jason Lenzmeier (offense), Jordan Somerville (WR, Recruiting Coordinator), Jamie Christian (Special Teams, from Fresno State), Troy Reffett (Safeties), Brandon Blackmon (Cornerbacks), James Carson (Athletic Performance)
  • Cal is hiring Nevada’s OL coach Angus McClure.


  • UNLV officially announces Danny Lansdorf as QB coach/passing coordinator, Cameron Norcross as OL/run game coordinator, Scott Baumgartner as RB coach, Jordan Paopao as TE and Special Teams coordinator, Kenwick Thompson as LB coach, Damon Magazu as Safeties coach, Tre Watson as CB coach, and Matthew Fyle as Strength and Conditioning coach.


  • Rocky Long announced today he is retiring. DL coach Brady Hoke was named as the new head coach.
  • There are reports Coach Hoke will be making significant changes to the staff.


  • Boise State RB coach Lee Marks is leaving to join the Fresno State coaching staff. He will be the running backs coach, have the title of assistant head coach, and will coordinate either special teams or the run game.


  • In a strange saga, Rocky Long was rumored to be trying to catch on somewhere as a DC, but then by the end of the day no longer was.
  • UNLV reportedly has the following positions in place so far: QB, RB, TE, OL, LB, CB, S, plus some GAs, S&C, and some off the field roles.


  • Texas special teams coordinator/TE coach Derek Warehime will be the OC at New Mexico.
  • It is being reported that Fresno State will hire Indiana Special Teams Coordinator William Inge as its DC.


  • OC Mike Sanford is leaving Utah State for the same position at Minnesota.
  • Colorado State will reportedly hire Chuck Heater as defensive coordinator. Also, Brian White is expected to join as RB coach.
  • Colorado State is also hiring Joey Lynch from Ball State as the offensive coordinator and QB coach.


  • Wyoming announced several staff promotions. Eric Donoval is elevated to Director of Sports Performance for Wyoming Football. Also, Aaron Bohl and Bart Miller were promoted to LB coach and offensive run-game coordinator.


  • Kasey Dunn is expected to stay with Oklahoma State. He was seen a major candidate to be UNLV’s OC.
  • However, UNLV is reported to be making hires for LB, OL, TE, QB, and WR.


  • Nevada has named 3 interim coaches for their bowl game, Jody Sears, Josh Brown, and John Landwehr.


  • Reports that UNLV is targeting Oklahoma State coaches Kasey Dunn (associate head coach/RB) and DL Joe Bob Clements for their offensive and defensive coordinator positions respectively.


  • Reports that Fresno State will not retain Scotty Thompson (TEs), Jamie Christian (RBs), Bert Watts (DC), and Will Plemons (DL).


  • Morning reports said Jay Weber was a finalist for the New Mexico HC job.
  • Kaleb DeBoer was announced as the Fresno State HC.
  • This afternoon, multiple reports surfaced saying Danny Gonzales would be the new New Mexico coach, about an hour after saying he didn’t know where he stood.


  • Boise State OC Zak Hill was officially named ASU OC.


  • It is being reported that Colorado State will hire Louie Addazio as OL coach and Corey Dennis as QB coach.
  • Reports that Boise State OC Zak Hill is in considered for not only the Arizona State OC vacancy but could also be considered for other PAC12 opportunities.
  • SJSJ Coach Brennan signed an extension through 2024
  • Finally New Mexico rumors. ASU DC Danny Gonzales and TCU Co-OC Curtis Luper are said to be the top candidates.


  • Zak Hill is rumored be taking the OC position at Arizona State


  • UNLV named Oregon OC Marcus Arroyo their head coach.
  • Colorado State named former Boston College head coach Steve Addazio their head coach.


  • The latest rumors have Butch Jones out as a Colorado State candidate and former Indiana head coach Kevin Wilson is now said to be the lead choice.
  • Likewise, the UNLV reports are now saying LSU DC Dave Aranda is a strong candidate. Oregon OC Marcus Arroyo is still in the mix as well.


  • Former Colorado State coach Mike Bobo will be the OC at South Carolina.
  • Butch Jones is emerging as a strong candidate at Colorado State.
  • Nevada announces coaches Jeff Casteel (DC/Linebackers), David Lockwood (CBs) and Mike Chamoures (DBs) won’t return for the 2020 season
  • UNLV is reported to be close to a deal with Oregon OC Marcus Arroyo as their new HC.


  • Reports that Marcus Arroyo (Oregon OC) and Matt Canada (Maryland OC) are two names being explored in the UNLV coaching search.


  • Fresno State HC Jeff Tedford officially stepped down from his position.
  • Boise State HC Bryan Harsin isn’t talking to any other school until after the game Saturday, which stifles many rumors from earlier in the week, at least on his end.


  • Boise State OC Zak Hill is reportedly a candidate for the ASU OC job.
  • Boise State HC Bryan Harsin is rumored to have interviewed at Arkansas
  • Nevada HC Jay Norvell’s name listed for names Missouri is reportedly targeting.



  • It is rumored (but not official) that Colorado State will fire head coach Mike Bobo.


Did we miss something? If you see an update, drop it in the comment section.