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Mountain West Connection 2019 Postseason Awards.

Our team’s thoughts on the best of the Mountain West this year.

Here at MWCConnection, we continue to have lots of content reviewing this football season, both this week as well as over the months to come.

Yesterday, we released our postseason all-MWC teams. Today, we are releasing our preseason awards and predictions for division standings and conference champion. Like yesterday’s post, our team members submitted their picks and the players and teams with the most votes won out. Take a look at what we said in the preseason here and then view what we compiled below:


Offensive Player of the Year:

  • QB Josh Love (San Jose State)

Defensive Player of the Year:

  • DE Curtis Weaver (Boise State)

Special Teams Player of the Year:

  • WR Savon Scarver (Utah State)

Offensive Breakout Player of the Year:

  • WR Warren Jackson (Colorado State)

Defensive Breakout Player of the Year:

  • DB Luq Barcoo (San Diego State)

Offensive Freshman of the Year:

  • RB George Holani (Boise State)

Defensive Freshman of the Year:

  • DE Solomon Byrd (Wyoming)

Coach of the Year:

  • Bryan Harsin (Boise State)

Team Breakdown:

Boise State: 3

San Jose State: 1

Colorado State: 1

San Diego State: 1

Utah State: 1

Wyoming: 1


  • The three traditional player of the year awards were pretty conclusive between our team, with Josh Love and Curtis Weaver being unanimous selections and the other only having two other players receiving votes.
  • Coach of the Year was a tight race between two coaches, but Bryan Harsin beat out Brent Brennan.
  • Does anyone meet the definition of Breakout POY more than Warren Jackson and Luq Barcoo? Jackson was unanimous, while Barcoo topped two other players receiving votes.
  • George Holani and teammate/fellow freshman Hank Bachmeier split the votes for offensive freshman of the year, but Holani got the edge. Defensive freshman of the year was a bit more clear with Byrd’s great season, but Hawaii’s Darius Muasau also got votes.

There it is. So let’s hear it. Who did we snub? Who did we put on here that shouldn’t be? Let’s hear you feedback in the comments section.

Coming tomorrow: Our coverage continues as Peak Perspective will take a look at which teams had the best position units in 2019.