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Mountaintop View 12-27-19

Lots of bowl talk, cheez-its, coaching hires

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NCAA Football: Washington State Arrival Arizona Republic-USA TODAY NETWORK

Happy Friday everyone. Whether you are working or on vacation, the links are here for your reading enjoyment. Take a look!

There’s a Director of the Bowl Association.

Today in “Someone gets paid for this?” or “I didn’t know that was a job!”, here’s an interview with Wright Waters, who is the Director of the Football Bowl Association. He’s the only full-time employee, works from home, and makes six figures. He’s a voice, an advocate, and long hours only come one month a year.

Norvell going unconventional with staff hires.

After letting three defensive coaches go before the bowl game, Jay Norvell had some holes to fill in his coaching staff. During the bowl game, normally grad assistants or quality control staff step in. However, Coach Norvell is taking a different approach and one that could catch on. He has hired interim coaches to step into those roles to help the team prepare for their bowl game. One could look at this as an extended live interview for each of them and it will be interesting to see if any of them lock down the positions going forward.

Why is it called the Cheez-It Bowl?

The Athletic dives into why companies want to sponsor bowls. It takes a look at the reasons why, as well as a bit about the process and what companies are more likely to want the rights to the games. This quote sticks out:

Talking Cheez-It Bowl

McDonald set a new record.

On the Horizon:

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  • Later today: The Cheez-It Bowl