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Class of 2020 December Signing Day Tracker

We have you covered as recruits sign their letters of intent.

Here are the latest announced signings for the schools around the Mountain West Conference. Please check back early and often for all the signings throughout the day:

Note: Not every player responded for comment on whether or not they would be signing on Wednesday. Due to this, the numbers reported to be signing only reflect those who have responded. Just because a recruit did not respond doesn’t mean they are or are not intending to sign Wednesday.

Check back continuously for updates Wednesday and beyond.

Air Force

I definitely didn’t speak with every Falcon recruit but have reached out to a few.

The only statement Air Force can release today. So any players signing today has to be found out through them.

Reports by the Gazette that 36 players signed Wednesday. However, we have counted 38.

  • QB Cannon Turner SIGNED
  • QB Jackson Darlington
  • RB Caleb Garner
  • RB Kevin Chandler
  • RB Nolan Carey SIGNED
  • WR Ben Buechel SIGNED
  • WR Brandon Engel SIGNED
  • WR Jake Martin SIGNED
  • WR Seth Medor SIGNED
  • WR Wyatt Wilson SIGNED
  • WR Conner Wnek
  • WR Parker Wroble SIGNED
  • WR Jamall Mensah
  • WR Caleb Rillos SIGNED
  • TE James Bryant
  • OL Kyle Niese SIGNED
  • OL Adam Karas SIGNED
  • OL Kyle Niese SIGNED
  • OL Jack Parker SIGNED
  • OL Hunter Brown
  • OL Wesley Ndago
  • OL Carter Fout
  • OL Ayden Mccollough SIGNED
  • OL Holden Brosnan SIGNED
  • OL Kyle Rose SIGNED
  • OL Costen Cooley
  • OL Tex Elliot
  • OL Brian Balestra
  • OL Chad Layton Jr.
  • OL Mason Urick SIGNED
  • DT Sheku Tonkara
  • DL Jordan Miles
  • DL Antonio Johnson SIGNED
  • DE Andrew BoisD’Enghien SIGNED
  • DE Sam McNulty SIGNED
  • DE Billy Johnson SIGNED
  • DE Sam Petersen SIGNED
  • DE Anthonie Lattany Jr SIGNED
  • DE Carter Fouty SIGNED
  • DE Blake Burris SIGNED
  • LB Alex Morrison SIGNED
  • LB Grayson Cook SIGNED
  • LB Jarin Johnson SIGNED
  • LB Zach Johnson SIGNED
  • LB Alec Mock
  • LB PJ Ramsey SIGNED
  • DB Toa Tai SIGNED
  • DB Jamari Bellamy
  • DB Jake Martin
  • DB Jalen Hodo SIGNED
  • DB Lincoln Tuioti-Mariner SIGNED
  • DB Malik Scott
  • DB Jordan Jenkins
  • DB Stefan Black
  • DB Jerome Gaillard
  • DB Christopher Satterfield
  • DB Corey Collins
  • DB Dorian Maynard
  • DB Pat Dahlen SIGNED
  • ATH Payton Zdroik
  • ATH CJ Thibodeaux
  • ATH Hudson Spurlock
  • ATH Matthew Heitmann
  • ATH Owen Burk
  • ATH Cameron Evarts
  • ATH Trevon Williams
  • ATH Durham Harris SIGNED
  • K Fabrizio Pinton SIGNED
  • LS Troy Sicaeros SIGNED

  • Info has been hard to gather for the Falcons, as their policy doesn’t allow them to publicly talk about recruits until they arrive on campus during the summer.

Boise State

15 players signed

  • WR LaTrell Caples SIGNED
  • WR Chance Luper
  • TE Russell Corrigan SIGNED
  • TE Austin Bolt SIGNED
  • OL Brandon Hernandez SIGNED
  • OL Nathan Cardona SIGNED
  • JUCO OL Riden Leong SIGNED
  • DL Robert Cooper SIGNED
  • DL Nick Booker-Brown
  • DL Herbert Gums SIGNED
  • JUCO DT Divine Obichere SIGNED
  • JUCO DE Shane Irwin SIGNED
  • DB Donovan Clark SIGNED
  • DB Kaonohi Kaniho SIGNED
  • DB Isaiah Bradford SIGNED
  • DB Semaj Verner SIGNED
  • DB Rodney Robinson SIGNED

Colorado State

9 Players signed

  • RB Tanner Hollens SIGNED
  • RB Kyjuan Herndon SIGNED
  • TE Dylan Walker SIGNED
  • OL Uriah Greene
  • OL Brian Crespo SIGNED
  • DT James Mitchell SIGNED
  • DL Casey Irons SIGNED
  • LB Chase Wilson SIGNED
  • LB Bam Amina
  • DB Henry Blackburn SIGNED
  • DB Brandon Guzman SIGNED

Fresno State

12 players signed

  • QB Logan Fife SIGNED
  • RB Malik Sherrod SIGNED
  • WR Mac Dalena SIGNED
  • WR Jamir Shepard
  • TE Matt Lowe SIGNED
  • OL Joseph Church SIGNED
  • OL Julian Polendo SIGNED
  • JUCO DL Da’Marcus Johnson SIGNED
  • LB Hunter Kaupiko
  • LB Tyler Mello SIGNED
  • DB Kamron Forest SIGNED
  • DB CJ Jones SIGNED
  • DB Dupree Williams SIGNED
  • LS Michael Munoz
  • ATH Kosi Agina SIGNED


10 players signed

Press Conference

  • RB Daveon Hunter SIGNED
  • WR Tamatoa Mokiao-Atimalala SIGNED
  • WR Kilohana Haasenritter SIGNED
  • WR Calvin Turner Jr (Transfer) SIGNED
  • OL Jake Tuatagaloa
  • OL Micah Soliai Howlett SIGNED
  • JUCO DT Kemon Smith SIGNED
  • DT Maurice Ta’ala SIGNED
  • LB Ezra Evaimalo SIGNED
  • JUCO DB Sterling Ortiz SIGNED
  • K Matthew Shipley SIGNED


13 players signed (5 spots remaining)

  • RB Avery Morrow SIGNED
  • RB Clarence Dalton
  • WR Isaac Jernagin SIGNED
  • WR Tory Horton SIGNED
  • OL RJ Taylor SIGNED
  • OL Grant Starck SIGNED
  • OL Frank Poso SIGNED
  • OL Jacob Gardner SIGNED
  • DT Teivis Tuioti SIGNED
  • LB Davion Blackwell SIGNED
  • LB Peter Montini SIGNED
  • JUCO LB Naki Mateialona SIGNED
  • DB Marquese Allen-Patmon SIGNED
  • P Charlie Pollock SIGNED
  • LS Nick Barcelos (PWO)

New Mexico

  • WR Gabe Stonewall
  • JUCO DB Tony Collier

San Diego State

12 players signed

  • QB Jack Sears (Transfer) SIGNED
  • TE Jay Rudolph SIGNED
  • OL John Harrison SIGNED
  • OL Aidan Finney SIGNED
  • OL Joey Wright SIGNED
  • LB Kobah Fuamatu SIGNED
  • LB Vai Kaho SIGNED
  • DB Dezjhon Malone SIGNED
  • DB Brody Hughes SIGNED
  • JUCO DB Dallas Branch SIGNED
  • ATH Jelani Whitmore SIGNED
  • ATH Cassius Savage SIGNED

San Jose State

16 players signed

  • RB Shamar Garrett SIGNED
  • TE Sam Olson SIGNED
  • JUCO OL Lamar Barrett SIGNED
  • DL Grady Manley SIGNED
  • JUCO DL Noah Wright SIGNED
  • JUCO DL Jay Kakiva SIGNED
  • LB Dion Leonard SIGNED
  • LB Elijah Lawson SIGNED
  • LB Elijah Wood SIGNED
  • DB Kenyon Reed (Transfer) SIGNED
  • DB Jalen Apalit-Williams SIGNED
  • DB Zavion Reese SIGNED
  • DB Jalen Bainer SIGNED
  • DB Mikale Greer SIGNED
  • DB Chance Johnson SIGNED
  • JUCO DB Malik Welch SIGNED


  • QB Doug Brumfield
  • WR/DB Ronald Gilliam
  • OL Dirk Nelson
  • OL Jeminai Leuta-ulu
  • LB Jabaz Myles
  • LB Iopu Tauiliili
  • DB Kobe Jenkins
  • ATH Justin Pinkney
  • ATH Cole Palmer

Utah State

7 players signed

  • QB Yaro Duvalk
  • RB Isaiah Afatasi
  • RB Elelyon Noa SIGNED
  • DT Poukesi Vakauta (LDS Mission) SIGNED
  • JUCO DL James Hansen SIGNED
  • LB Dahlin Mesake SIGNED
  • DB Upton Stout
  • DB Luke Marion SIGNED
  • JUCO DB Xavion Steele SIGNED
  • P Stephen Kotsanlee SIGNED


18 players signed

Press Conference

  • QB Gavin Beerup SIGNED
  • RB Joey Braasch SIGNED
  • FB Caleb Driskill SIGNED
  • TE Nick Miles SIGNED
  • OL Kohl Herbolsheimer SIGNED
  • OL Nofoafia Tulafono SIGNED
  • OL Malik Williams SIGNED
  • OL Micah Barnhart (PWO)
  • OL Emmanuel Pregnon SIGNED
  • OL Mana Taimami SIGNED
  • DT Caleb Robinson SIGNED
  • DT Gavin Meyer SIGNED
  • DE Cameron Smith SIGNED
  • DE Braden Siders SIGNED
  • DE Oluwaseyi Omotosho SIGNED
  • LB Brent VanderVeen SIGNED
  • DB Isaac White SIGNED
  • DB Wyette Keler SIGNED
  • DB Cameron Stone SIGNED
  • DB Chau Smith
  • DB Keshaun Taylor SIGNED