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MWC Recruiting Roundup 12-16-19

ALL the recruiting news before Signing Day.

NCAA Football: Wyoming at Air Force Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s the last edition before Signing Day on Wednesday. As you’ve probably seen, this has been the busiest MWC recruiting weekend of the year. A lot of new offers got handed out, and as can be seen below, many of them are 2021 and 2022 as teams are trying to get a head start on future classes. Many team took advantage of one last visit weekend before the Dead Period starts and of course, in-home visits were happening every day during the week. Lastly, a plethora of new commits enter the fold in the Mountain West as decisions are being made before Signing Day. Expect some commitment reveals on Wednesday as well. In total this week, there were 20 known offers, 21 known visitors, and 21 known new commitments.

On any other weekend, many of these teams would’ve made the banner. However, this week,

2019 Cover Photo Total:

  • San Jose State: 7
  • Wyoming: 6
  • Air Force: 5
  • Colorado State: 5
  • UNLV: 5
  • Nevada: 4
  • Boise State: 3
  • Utah State: 2
  • Fresno State: 1
  • Hawaii: 1
  • New Mexico: 1

Recruiting Calendar:

Starting Sunday December 1st (and lasting until December 15th), we will enter the time of year known or the Contact Period. This is the time of year where contact between recruits and coaches is at it’s highest point.

December 1 through February 1, 2020 [except for (1) and (2) below]: Six in-person off-campus contacts per prospective student-athlete shall be permitted during this time period with not more than one permitted in any one calendar week (Sunday through Saturday) or partial calendar week:

Obviously there is the Dead Period in the middle of these two months, but for now let’s focus on the contact. This is when coaches (including the head coach) can conduct in-home and in-school visits to a recruit. It’s not uncommon to see coaches visit a large amount of players each week as they travel all over the country. On campus official visits will still occur as well.

Air Force Commit Tracker:

Since the Air Force Academy routinely has near 100 commits each year, let’s start tracking the number and see how it rises between now and February.

  • The Falcons are at 59 known commits.

Commitment Spotlight:

OL Joseph Church (Fresno State)

“Well a big thing for me was the way the players and coaches interacted with one another. It made feel like if I had come here, I really wouldn’t have left home. The same way they interact, is exactly the same way I interact with my family. And each one of the coaches, no matter the position, all came up to me and asked how I was doing and talking to me about all kinds of stuff. Then I knew I had to come to Fresno. It’s like they knew each other for a long time when almost half of the players are transfers.”

JUCO DB Malik Welch (SJSU)

“It felt like home. The coaches and players gave off a home feeling and the Silicon Valley is also a place I got to learn about and I can see myself growing in these big industries. The coaches gave off a good vibe and they were completely honest. I could relate to most of them as some came from junior college backgrounds and some of them being from the LA area like myself. Coach Brennan is a good coach that believes in his players and is what a true family man is really like. Thats someone I want to play for. The players welcomed me in and treated me as if I was a brother, we instantly grew a bond. I can tell how eager they are for next season and I cant wait to join them.”

LB Kobah Fuamatu (SDSU)

“They’ve been there and in contact with me since my sophomore year. Always stayed in contact and said the right things. The official visit was key really got a feel of the campus, facility and fellow students. Coach Brady was my recruiter and he was great he gave me plenty of insight to the game but talked more about preparation and working on my craft. Coach Long and Coach Arnett made it easy with our talks and some scheme questions. Right now I’m gonna be a ILB but I’m 6’ and 218 so depending on my training we will see. Some see me as a hybrid LB/SS so playing that could happen but we will see I’ll do what they ask of me my ability to as a pass rusher I know it will serve me in this defense scheme. I’ve always been fast from my early years are in rugby and I picked up football 4 years ago so I have more to learn and I’m excited about this defense.”

TE Sam Olson (San Jose State)

“I chose San Jose State because because the area is super nice and has lots of opportunities. Also the school is beautiful and all of the coaches and players have a really good culture that I would love to be a part of. They were super excited and were looking forward to coaching me. And they use tight ends basically every play so they will be using me as a tight end, slot receiver, h-back, and wideout every once in a while”

Recruiting Updates:


  • QB Mason Bugg was offered by Air Force
  • DB Malik Mustapha was offered by Air Force
  • WR Keyshawn Smith was offered by Boise State
  • DE Nate Burrell was offered by Boise State
  • JUCO DT Divine Obichere was offered by Boise State
  • 2022 RB Michael Hayes was offered by Boise State
  • QB Daylin McLemore was offered by Fresno State
  • LB Connor Shay was offered by Fresno State
  • DB Daveon Hunter was offered by Hawaii
  • 2021 OL Benjamin Roy Jr was offered by Hawaii
  • 2021 LB Oge Feo was offered by Nevada
  • 2021 WR/DB Jatavious Magee was offered by Nevada
  • 2021 LB Patrick Hisatake was offered by Nevada
  • 2022 OL/DL Mark Nabou was offered by Nevada
  • 2022 OL/DL Joren Manu was offered by Nevada
  • LB Deante Betts was offered by New Mexico
  • WR/DB Terence Loville was offered by SJSU
  • ATH Austin Bolt was offered by UNLV
  • 2023 TE/DE Saimone Davis was offered by Utah State
  • ATH Jaice Miller was offered by Wyoming


  • JUCO DE Shane Irwin visited Boise State
  • JUCO DB Austin Griffin visited Fresno State
  • DB Kamron Forest visited Fresno State
  • LB Davion Blackwell visited Fresno State
  • OL Joseph Church visited Fresno State
  • RB Mac Dalena visited Fresno State
  • RB Kosi Agina visited Fresno State
  • WR Kilohanan Haasenritter visited Hawaii
  • OL Aidan Finney visited SDSU
  • JUCO TE Spencer Owens visited SDSU
  • WR Cassius Savage visited SDSU
  • DB Elijah Lawson visited SJSU
  • JUCO DT Sione Tuitupou
  • JUCO DB Xavion Steele visited Utah State
  • JUCO DB Justin Gardner visited Utah State
  • QB DJ Ralph visited Wyoming
  • RB Joey Braasch visited Wyoming
  • DB Chau Smith visited Wyoming
  • DB Kendre Miller visited Wyoming
  • DE Cameron Smith visited Wyoming
  • WR Joshua Cobb visited Wyoming

In-home Visits

  • Air Force: Coach Calhoun and Coach Vaughan visited Cannon Turner, Coach Miller and Coach Rud visited Trevon Williams
  • Boise State: Coach Harsin, Coach Hill, & Coach Kiesau visited LaTrell Caples, Coach Schmedding visited Robert Cooper, Coach Harsin, Coach Franklin, Coach Marks, Coach Danielson, and Coach Bedell visited Semaj Verner, Coach Harsin visited Marcus HS, Coach Schmedding and Coach Brown visited Donovan Clark, Coach Harsin Coach Danielson and Coach Bedell visited Brandon Hernandez
  • Fresno State: Coach Grubb visited Daylin McLemore, Coach Langsdorf visited Logan Fife, Coach Moore visited Mac Dalena
  • Nevada: Coach Norvell and Coach Taua visited Grant Starck
  • New Mexico: Coach Tuitele visited Eldorado HS
  • Wyoming: Coach Richardson visited Nofoafia Tulafono


  • DL Antonio Johnson committed to Air Force
  • DB Dorian Maynard committed to Air Force
  • RB Nolan Carey committed to Air Force
  • LB Zach Johnson committed to Air Force
  • WR Caleb Rillos committed to Air Force
  • DB Chance Johnson committed to Air Force
  • LS Troy Sicaeros committed to Air Force
  • DL Herbert Gums committed to Boise State
  • JUCO DE Shane Irwin committed to Boise State
  • DB Henry Blackburn committed to Colorado State
  • RB Tanner Hollens committed to Colorado State
  • RB Malik Sherrod committed to Fresno State
  • OL Joseph Church committed to Fresno State
  • LB Kobah Fuamatu committed to SDSU
  • ATH Jelani Whitmore committed to SDSU
  • JUCO QB Jack Sears committed to SDSU
  • TE Sam Olson committed to SJSU
  • JUCO DB Malik Welch committed to SJSU
  • OL Micah Barnhart committed to Wyoming
  • DE Gavin Meyer committed to Wyoming
  • DB Chau Smith committed to Wyoming


  • QB Griffin Brewster decommitted from Colorado State

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