Going from good to better to best… …

…even if it is only in my minds’ eye.. The mountain West conference should convene an inter-conference committee with the General 5 Conferences to promote a season ending selection tournament of the best four teams in the G5. Craig Thompson, it’s time to promote an idea that improves our standings within the group of 5 schools.

Now, let’s consider the fairness factor. Let the top ten athletic directors-representing the top division leaders from each conference- submit a formula figure equally applied to each team. Number of games won multiplied by the opponents strength of schedule. The four highest scores become ranked opponents.

The tournament itself, would start on the Friday after Thanksgiving with the four highest ranked teams rated the week prior. To be fair to the would be scheduled opponents of the ranked teams, a schedule adjustment of pairing the unrated opponents together is only needed for the final week of scheduled play. i.e. Wyoming/CSU; UCF/ Temple; Appalacia/Troy; Marshall/FIU… if Wyoming were the ranked team and chosen to play UCF-then wyomings opponent CSU would reschedule to play UCF’s opponent Temple-or Appalachia ranked would play ranked Marshall and their opponents would reschedule to play Troy /FIU.

The championship G5 game would replace the division Championship game, with the two passed week winners playing on the last Saturday of November. The strongest winner of the G5 conferences would then compete either in the New Years 6 Bowls, or become part of a revised 8 team tournament against the power 5 schools.