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Falcons Soar Past Cowboys

Wyoming 6, Air Force 20

NCAA Football: Wyoming at Air Force
The Cowboys could not get out of Colorado Springs with a win to finish the regular season.
Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Quick Take

A lot of defense. Air Force found the end zone a couple of times while holding Wyoming out of the end zone to win by a couple of scores.

The Recap

Air Force got the ball to start, and the Falcons punted. In response, Wyoming punted.

Once the Falcons got the ball back, Air Force put together the best drive of the game, going 73 yards on 16 plays. Lasting into the early 2nd quarter, the Falcons got on the board first with a 1 yard TD run from Donald Hammond.

Wyoming would follow with another punt.

Air Force would get the ball, but a turnover would set the Cowboys up with great field position.

Unfortunately, the Cowboys would give the ball right back.

Air Force would punt again before the half, and the Falcons led by a touchdown at the half.

To start the 2nd half, Wyoming got the ball and managed to drive back into Falcons territory. Unfortunately, the Cowboys would turn the ball over again.

Air Force would capitalize by driving down the field for a field goal.

Wyoming would match that field goal with one of their own to get on the scoreboard.

After an Air Force punt of 13 yards setup the Cowboys again in Falcons territory, Wyoming would turn the ball over yet again.


Air Force would capitalize again with a field goal, and, again, Wyoming would respond with a field goal drive of their own to stay in the game.

With just 2:23 left in the game and down by a touchdown, Wyoming needed a stop to get the ball back. Instead, this play by the Falcons was the final dagger.

Wyoming would turn the ball over on downs. Air Force would do the same after forcing the Cowboys to use their remaining timeouts. Wyoming would get off just one more play before time ran out on the Cowboys.

Wyoming 6, Air Force 20

Final Thoughts

These teams looked pretty evenly matched, but turnovers were the Cowboys undoing. You can’t win games on the road against good teams when you turn the ball over three times on your opponents side of the field. All those squandered opportunities proved to be too much for Wyoming to overcome.

That said, congrats to Air Force. They’ve had a heck of a season, winning 10 games so far. I hope they get an 11th by winning their bowl game.

As for Wyoming, this season has still been a good one. The Cowboys are 7-5 and should be going bowling. Where exactly probably won’t be known until next week. Still, this team should be proud of a winning season. The program has been bowl-eligible four straight seasons. To do so is a major accomplishment for a Wyoming program that has struggled the majority of the time that it has been in the Mountain West. Also, Wyoming making a bowl game in 3 of 4 years is a huge deal. The last time that happened was 1987 to 1990 when the Cowboys made the 1987 Holiday Bowl, 1988 Holiday Bowl and 1990 Copper Bowl.