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Power Rankings: Week 10

Let’s take a look.

NCAA Football: Boise State at San Jose State D. Ross Cameron-USA TODAY Sports

After another week of Mountain West football, check out the current MWCConnection power rankings:

1. Boise State

  • One can chose to look at the Broncos one of two ways. As has been said before, they are making games arguably much closer than they should be and look closer to a top 30 team than a top 20 team, with talent overcoming flaws and inexperience for now. On the other hand, they are 7-1 and find a new way to win every week and should get credit for that. Take your pick.

2. Air Force

  • The Falcons just flat out look good, no other way to say it. They didn’t score a ton against Army, but didn’t need to as their defense completely shut down the Army offense. They’ve been passing some big tests lately.

3. San Diego State

  • The Aztecs didn’t do anything wrong, but the other two teams just look a bit stronger at this point. Expect them to move up or down a spot the rest of the year depending on the week.

4. Wyoming

  • Everything is up in the air now if Chambers is indeed out for the season as has been reported in some outlets. However, they appeared to have found the winning combination before that. Although it’s not like the Cowboys were necessarily depending on lots of QB play before this, so it will be interesting to see what Wyoming does going forward.

5. Fresno State

  • 5-9 and maybe even 5-10 could almost be in any order, so I’d expect the most contention with the order of the following teams.
  • The Bulldogs got a pretty nice win over Hawaii to keep their bowl hopes alive. The offense is living off of a strong running game but the strong defensive play of the past two seasons still seems to be missing. 5 is probably too high for them but they beat Hawaii so are placed above them.

6. Hawaii

  • Hawaii is trending in the wrong direction and may not make a bowl if things continue. This year’s second half is looking a lot like last year’s, and someone should remind them that the season goes until end of November, not end of October.

7. San Jose State

  • The Spartans looked great again, almost pulling off a huge upset against Boise State. Their offense is definitely a force to be reckoned with as Love and his WR corps are totally in-sync. Win two out of their last three and they go bowling.

8. Utah State

  • The Aggies are also trending in the wrong direction for the second week in a row. To make matters worse, they lost their best defensive player for the rest of the season. Utah State may struggle to make a bowl game.

9. Colorado State

  • Don’t look now, but the Rams have won three in a row. The offense is looking great and the defense isn’t a total liability going into games. Will it be enough to save the season? Probably not, but it helps to end on a positive note.

10. Nevada

  • The Wolf Pack got to beat up on New Mexico this week and so everything will good for a week. Otherwise, it’s a disappointing year for them.

11. UNLV

  • The biggest question remaining for the Rebels are whether they will fire their head coach now, at the end of the season, or delay the inevitable another year by keeping him? They are playing harder than their record but are still behind the rest of the conference.

12. New Mexico

  • Not even going to change the write-up unless they win or somehow lose worst than expected: Lather, rinse, and repeat for the Lobos. It’s safe to admit at this point in the season there just isn’t enough there to compete with the majority of other teams on their schedule this season.