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MWC Reimagined as Harry Potter Characters

The Team Chooses the Wizards

European Quidditch Cup In Warsaw Photo by Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images

In honor of October, let’s compare as many Mountain West teams/coaches/players to a character in the magical world of Harry Potter. Love Harry Potter? Than this post is for you. Don’t love Harry Potter? That’s an awful way to live.

Like anything, this post won’t be perfect. We may miss a better comparison, but give us points for effort. With that disclaimer, cue Hedwig’s theme and “take her away Ern’!”

Craig Thompson

Cornelius Fudge

  • This one is self-explanatory right? Minister of Magic = MWC Commissioner. And Thompson has his trademark hair like Fudge has his bowler hat.

Josh Love: Roger Davies

Jordan Love: Cedric Diggory

Jorge Reyna: Ernie Macmillan

Brent Brennan

  • Goblet of Fire Neville Longbottom. He’s in the weird teen years of Neville now. Not quite the hopeless laughing stock and still has the potential to be strong

Bryan Harsin

  • He’s the Snape of the group. One of the best pure wizards in the series, undeniably effective, but controversial and keeps his true thoughts and emotions hidden from everyone. In many ways, an anti-hero.

David Woodward: Oliver Wood (both great athletes, also both wood in their name)

Juwan Washington: Angelina Johnson

Mykal Walker: Lee Jordan

Curtis Weaver

  • This may sound odd at first, but Prof McGonagall. Under the radar at first, but when people finally paid attention, they realized how great they both were. They both got more attention and were able to show off their skills each new year.

Troy Calhoun

  • Hermione to a T. Can come off as a bit annoying, but exceptional at what they do and well-respected by everyone else.

Gary Anderson

  • Sirius Black in the sense that both came back after many years away that really took a toll on them.

Ryan Agnew: Ron Weasley

Andy Seeley: Kingsley Shacklebolt

Cole McDonald: Dean Thomas

Chris Petersen

  • Albus Dumbledore. Because he was considered infallible when he was at Boise State and only after he was gone are people now pointing out or discovering his faults.

Nick Rolovich

  • Quite a few possibilities here. The quirky Xeno Lovegood? The lovable and hilarious Fred and George Weasley? Xeno sounds right. Stupid as a fox. No one may understand him or his ideas, but you can’t help but like him.

Angus McClure: Horace Slughorn

Jeff Tedford: Prof Flitwick

Jay Norvell: Dean Thomas

Mike Bobo

  • Seamus Finnagan: A good coach/wizard, but things often blow up in his face.

Craig Bohl

  • Remus Lupin comes to mind here. His approach maybe be simple from the outside, but he gets results. Lupin’s classes may be easy in hindsight, but students learned a ton. Run the ball and play solid defense has produced some good results and sets the foundation for good wins.

Aaron Taylor (CBS Sports Announcer): Ludo Bagman

Dante Wright: Victor Krum

Dominik Eberle: Newt Scamander

Spencer Danielson


  • They both have all the energy and passion in the world. Exceptionally positive and people can help but gravitate towards them.

Bob Davie

  • Barty Crouch: They are both a shell of their former, more popular selves trying to pull off one last trick to get back into their former glory.

Rocky Long

  • Alastor “Mad-Eye” Moody sound good to people? Tried and true, maybe his best days are behind him. Has a track record better than just about everyone but his ways have been his undoing as much as his success.

  • Jacob and Joey Capra: Fred and George Weasley (not twins, but close enough)
  • Kyahva Tezino: Cormac McLaggen (two names that deserved to be on this list)

Your turn: There are a ton of MWC players and coaches and a ton of Harry Potter characters. Who