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Mountaintop View 10-30-2019

New NCAA rules, loved baseball coach passed away, etc

NCAA Football: Hawaii at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Hello everyone!! It’s the day before Halloween! I hope you are getting ready to have some fun for tomorrow with costumes and all sort of fun stuff in a safe way. Besides that, we got some important information for you to peek at before the weekend comes.

Utah State’s Devon Anderson Brings Fun to Aggies’ D-Line Group

Aggie defensive lineman Devon Anderson talks about how fun and amazing it is playing defensive line for Utah State after he transferred from Dodge City Community College in Kansas. The Aggies hit the jackpot of the defensive side when he came to Utah State after numerous of offers at Dodge City. Anderson dreams of playing at the next level, which that is the NFL. But his successful senior season will help his dream to become a reality soon.

Fresno State’s Jared Rice talks about his love for the game

Bulldog tight end Jared Rice discusses about his background growing up with a football family with his father and brother playing football. Also, he tells about how he chose Fresno State for college to be close to home after he took a couple offers from San Jose State and UNLV. The three time high school state champion from Modesto decided to become a Bulldog.

Four Straight Games With A Sack For Hearn

NCAA easing up on their long-standing rule?

Loved UNLV baseball coach passed away

Norvell continues to bring high tempo for this weekend’s game against New Mexico

New Bronco captain for this weekend

On the Horizon:

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