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Grading SDSU’s 20 - 17 Win Over UNLV

NCAA Football: Wyoming at San Diego State Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to the promised land Aztec faithful, you all get to be fans of a nationally ranked team following SDSU beating the UNLV Rebels 20 - 17 over the weekend to move to 7 - 1 on the season. I say we ignore the elephant in the room that we were a kick being a foot to the left of going to overtime with a two win team and just shout ‘5-0 ON THE ROAD THIS YEAR’ at anyone who doubts the Aztecs. That being said let’s take a look at this week’s report card.


Quarterback (B+) Ryan Agnew took shots downfield again and the team got up early when he connected deep with Ethan Dedeaux for a score, so theres plenty to be happy about on tape. Finding 7 different receivers for almost 200 yards has shown to be a great zone for the offense to be in this year for SDSU so I am close to giving him an A but the interception in the fourth quarter is holding him back. The pic looked like it might have come on a miscommunication about the route with his receiver and that happens, what worries me is the fact that it came at such a crucial spot that helped keep UNLV in the game.

Running Back (A-) No turnovers and over 100 yards is a picture of perfect health for this year’s run game. The first scoring drive was an almost textbook example of how the run game can help Ryan Agnew be able to throw deep, and thats going to be the key to post season success for the Aztecs this year.

Wide Receivers (B+) A huge a hearty welcome back to Ethan Dedeaux who, in his return to his native Las Vegas, had the biggest catch of a career in the form of a 49 yard TD catch where he showed a little bit of everything. Kobe Smith, who has really emerged as Agnew’s favorite target, averaged 11 yards per catch on the night.

Offensive Line (A) The protection up front has gotten steadily better every week the past few games and this was no exception.


Defensive Line (B+) There wasn’t enough pressure up front to have this be considered a resounding success of a night. Wins are great, but even in a win you need to examine what you could have done better and once again for the Aztecs the answer to that is pressure the opposing QB. The rest of the defense seems to be a the mercy somewhat of the line and what kind fo a night they decide to have, and that concerns me.

Linebackers (B+) Another week of serviceable but not dynamic for the linebacking corps. They aren’t a concern for me as much as they are just a curiosity, will we ever see them just take over a game a be the difference makers or is this a forgettable year of guys who are collectively not overall bad at their job.

Secondary (B+) They got beat bad a couple of times and came up with a couple of huge plays so it’s kind of a tough one to grade. If UNLV had sent the game into overtime and found a way to win we would probably be screaming that somehow opponents always seems to spin at least one big pass play per game for a score, but instead they get a ‘meh’ and a pass because UNLV hit the goal post instead.

Special Teams (A+) A blocked punt in the end zone for a TD and a pair of field goals was the difference on the night for the Aztecs so game ball, top grades, (you fill in the blank) goes to the special teams unit for the night.

The Aztecs enter the home stretch of the 2019 season in two week’s as they return to San Diego to host the Nevada Wolfpack on Saturday night at 7:30 after a bye week.