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Power Rankings: Week 9

Where does your team rank this week?

NCAA Football: Fresno State at Air Force Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Every week I tell myself, next week things will begin to become more clear in these rankings. And every week, I find things more confusing

1. Boise State

  • They had a bye week so not much has changed. However, a lot needs to change this week and the weeks to come if they don’t want anymore losses. Mainly blocking on offense and tackling on defense. Wild concepts I know.

2. San Diego State

  • I fully expected the Aztecs to be 1A or even 1 this week but they didn’t have a totally strong showing this weekend and did not appear ready to take the claim of being the top team in the MWC. Not only that, but they were also in danger of losing their spot at #2. Still, they are a strong team following the same formula they always have.

3. Air Force

  • Air Force has looked every bit the part of one of the best teams in the conference this season, outside of the Navy game. They keep losing QBs and though that may catch up with them, it hasn’t shown signs of doing so yet. It’s not hard to imagine the rest of the teams on their schedule are not looking forward to facing the Falcons, who keep killing the hopes of their opposition.

4. Wyoming

  • Earlier in the season, the Cowboys were not able to beat up on lesser competition. This past weekend, that was not an issue at all. Wyoming flat out dominated Nevada and in doing so, they were able to work on some of their issues. The Cowboys were able to find a strong passing attack and now the trick is to carry it over to more difficult games.

5. Utah State

  • The Aggies got flat out exposed this weekend. Many assumed the second half of the season would be much tougher for Utah State and if this game was any indication, that could prove to be true. It’s not that the Aggies aren’t a good team, it’s more that they are measured against their 2018 selves and are falling short of that.

6. Hawaii

  • The Rainbow Warriors got a bounce-back win against bottom-feeder New Mexico. It was a good game to regroup and the offense was on full display. When they are on, they are tough to beat. However, they are prone to some ill-timed slips up.

7. San Jose State

  • The Spartans looked great on Saturday in their win against Army. They are a team with good players that this year is becoming a pretty decent team. An outside shot at a bowl gives them something to keep playing for and wherever they end up, it’s a positive season for them.

8. Colorado State

  • The Rams are not a good team, but it is easy to find some good players. Unfortunately, that can only get them so far. For this week, it got them in the win column.

9. Fresno State

  • The Bulldogs are officially not a good team this year. Though still in the bowl hunt, it’s quite the uphill battle and it may not be a bad idea to start building for the future and feature more true and redshirt freshman to build experience for next season.

10. Nevada

  • The Wolf Pack now officially have more leaks in their boat than they do resources to plug them up. In case anyone was wondering, that doesn’t bode well for boats. Neither does an ever-rotating QB1.

11. UNLV

  • They aren’t playing totally bad, but there also isn’t a lot of positives going on. Heck they may even be better than a team or two above them, but their record isn’t showing it.

12. New Mexico

  • Not even going to change the write-up from last week: Lather, rinse, and repeat for the Lobos. It’s safe to admit at this point in the season there just isn’t enough there to compete with the majority of other teams on their schedule this season.