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Cowboys Tame Wolf Pack

Nevada 3, Wyoming 31

NCAA Football: Nevada at Wyoming
Wyoming improved to 6-2 on the season with a win over Nevada.
Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

Quick Take

Wyoming dominated this game. After padding the lead before half, the Cowboys coasted to an easy victory late.

The Recap

Wyoming was impressive in this one.

Nevada got the ball to start, but they quickly went three-and-out. The first play from the Wyoming offense got them on the board, and the Pokes never looked back from there.

Nevada would promptly three-and-out again, and Wyoming would drive down the field again for another TD.

Nevada would get some things going and put together a nice drive that would end in a field goal to put the Wolf Pack on the scoreboard.

Wyoming would follow with another nice drive, but it would be squandered on an interception in the red zone.

Nevada would three-and-out again, and Wyoming would score another TD.

What an amazing start for the Cowboys. Everything seemed to be working.

Nevada would start a little drive that ended in a turnover on a fumble. The teams exchanged punts. Wyoming would go down the field with less than a minute left and kick a field goal before half.

Cowboys were up 24 to 3 at the half.

Wyoming came out in the 2nd half and drove down the field for the final score of the game.

Nevada followed up by throwing an interception on their next drive.

From here, the 2nd half went by pretty quickly. Some punts were exchanged. Nevada missed a field goal. Each team put together long drives in the 4th quarter that ended with a a turnover on downs. Ultimately, the clock would run out after a Nevada run.

Nevada 3, Wyoming 31

Final Thoughts

That was the most dominant victory for Wyoming this season. The defense played great. The offense ran for over 258 yards and a TD while passing for 221 yards and 3 TD’s. A very nice sign for a passing game that has struggled greatly this season.

Additionally, Wyoming is now 6-2 and bowl eligible.

As noted in the above tweet, Wyoming has not had four, consecutive, non-losing seasons in a couple of decades. The work that Bohl and his staff have put in to build a football program is showing. The Cowboys might not be flashy, but they have a consistently solid football program.

As for what is next, Wyoming goes into a bye. Chambers got a little banged up in the game and was icing his knee on the sidelines at the end of the game. Vander Waal played fine, but you still hope that the injury to Chambers is nothing serious so that he can start again in a couple of weeks. Chambers has really played well the past couple of weeks. As for the team, a tough November schedule lies ahead. Wyoming could have a special season in front of them if they finish strongly. At a minimum, the Cowboys need to finish 1-3 this season, so that they aren’t a 6-6 team come bowl season. Like last year, the Cowboys might not have a bowl game to go to at 6-6. However, 7-5 (and you’d think for sure 8-4) should be enough to get Wyoming into a bowl game this year.