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Power Rankings: Week 8

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Some movement in the rankings.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 12 Wyoming at San Diego State Photo by Justin Fine/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Every week I tell myself, next week things will begin to become more clear in these rankings. And every week, I find things more confusing

1. Boise State

  • Here’s what was written last week: What a difference a week makes. After not looking their best against UNLV, Boise State made a statement against Hawaii and showed how large the gap between them and everyone else is right now.
  • What a difference a week makes again. After looking like themselves against Hawaii, the Broncos couldn’t seem to do anything right against BYU. They looked lifeless against a struggling team. Still, they are likely still the best team in the MWC, but the Aztecs are no longer knocking on the door, they have it opened and are preparing to walk through it.

1.5. San Diego State

  • I debated putting SDSU as 1A, but at least as of now, I think the Broncos have shown more on the field so far. Still, the methodical and consistent approach is the calling card for the Aztecs and they are getting the job done week after week. I’ve maintained for years they are the opposite of Boise State in the sense they are often much more consistent, though not as spectacular and they are showing it again with their strong record.

3. Utah State

  • The Aggies are still standing strong, making easy work of Nevada this weekend. They have a big test against a division team this coming weekend in Air Force. A win widens the gap between the top three teams. A loss, and those who think the Aggies will have a second-half fade gain some bragging rights.

4. Air Force

  • Air Force isn’g going anywhere. They played well against Boise State, and confused Hawaii enough to come away with the win. Their floor is a bowl team and their ceiling (though high) is the Mountain division. Some big games still to go but easy to see they are a top 4-5 team in the conference.

5. Wyoming

  • Wyoming got to beat up on a lowly New Mexico team and it was just what the passing game needed. It was still only 15 passing attempts but it was perhaps the best that facet of the offense has looked all season. Some tough games left, but the Cowboys haven’t gone anywhere yet.

6. Hawaii

  • Things went from bad to worse for the Rainbow Warriors this week. They couldn’t solve the triple-option on defense and their high-flying offense was held in check for the most part. It wasn’t the bounce back they were hoping for and now the question is if the emotion has left their play this season.

7. Fresno State

  • The Bulldogs are finally showing some signs of life with back to back wins. After taking it to a very good Air Force team, they destroyed the corpse of UNLV on Friday night. The dynamic duo at running back carried the load and it was more than enough.

8. Nevada

  • The Wolf Pack seem stuck in reverse. They only managed 10 points and Henry didn’t look like the answer at QB. Clearly, the defense didn’t provide any favors either. Not much going right for Nevada.

9. San Jose State

  • The Spartans hung tough against a very good SDSU team, but they lacked the firepower. QB Love had an off night and they couldn’t find points against a good defense. Not shame in this loss, but still a loss.

10. UNLV

  • The Rebels can stay here for the week as they still get points for their big win last week. But let’s keep it in perspective. Was beating an SEC opponent on the road an outlier or has every other game been a fluke? The answer is clear.

11. Colorado State

  • The Rams were in a bye, so they stay put.

12. New Mexico

  • Lather, rinse, and repeat for the Lobos. It’s safe to admit at this point in the season there just isn’t enough there to compete with the majority of other teams on their schedule this season.