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Football Letters: Volume 3

Bowl games?

Dear Friend,

Sorry for the delay in this letter. It’s been a busy fall (or autumn, I don’t know what you call it) between school, homework, and my favorite free time activity, football!

I’ve become what’s known as a football-junkie. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean I think football is junk. It means a really like football. That’s what my parents said to me recently anyway.

Did you know there is high school football, college football, and professional football? It’s all the same game but sometimes it looks different because each age level has different skill levels.

Anyway, college football is really interesting. They said the season is barely half-way through but there’s so much talk about bowl games. What are bowl game? I had that same question when I first heard the term! In case you didn’t know, it has nothing to do bowls like for soup. haha, that was a joke. Bowl games are really just other football games, but I guess they happen at the end of the year. I’ll try to figure out why they aren’t called post-games or end-games or something.

Another thing I have decided that is one of my favorite things about football are the trick plays. They are really cool plays and they have fun names too! Here are some of the ones I’ve seen live or on TV so far:

  • Reverse: This is when they fake a run one direction but then give the ball to another player going in a different direction.
  • Flea-flickers: This is funny, but it has nothing that resembles a dog or a flea. It starts as a running play but then the runner gives the ball back to the quarterback who then passes to a player very far down the field.
  • Statue of Liberty: The quarterback has the ball and pretends he is going to pass. He hold the ball behind him like a statue and then the running back takes the ball from him out of nowhere and starts running.

There are so many more plays, but I can’t remember them all right now. I’ll study more to share in my next letter.

From, me.