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Mountaintop View 10-14-19

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SEC wins, MWC matchups, is it a match?

UNLV v Vanderbilt Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Welcome back to the start of another week. There were some great MWC games this weekend and we have the latest news coming your way today and this week.

Rebels continue MWC dominance over SEC.

UNLV’s only win coming into the game was Southern Utah. Apparently they can only beat FCC or SEC teams. Regardless, Sanchez and the Rebels finally got their statement win during his tenure. Like SJSU a few weeks ago, sure it was bottom of the SEC in Vandy, but a P5 win is big no matter what. QB Oblad looked good and they scored early and often. The defense stepped up as well.

Rams get a much-needed win over Lobos.

Neither team came in as a world-beater and both teams were desperate for a win. However, only one could be victorious and it was the Rams. Between fumbles and penalties, it was hard to say Colorado State looked good. But New Mexico looked a bit worse and Rams QB Patrick O’Brien looked great, with 3 TDs and 420 yards. It was the Rams first FBS win in just short (2 days) of one year, and that win came against... you guessed it, also New Mexico.

Boise state beats Hawaii in big MWC matchup.

In the biggest conference game to date, Boise State showed why they are the top team in the MWC. They forced 4 turnovers and the offense was the real star of the night. Three different players scored at least 2 TDs as the speed and size seemed too much for Hawaii’s defense to handle. The Warrior offense kept pace as much as possible but this game showed how big the divide still is.

Calhoun said what?

Chances are you’ve been seeing this article around the twitter machine this weekend. Let’s post the quote, so it’s clear what is being said:

It’s a puzzling statement to be sure. Being a military academy does make it difficult to compete, although they are far from the bottom of the MWC. On the other hand, it’s not like they run away with the conference every year. If anything, it’s the opposite (although they have had 10 win seasons not too long ago). So confusing to even tell if Calhoun is saying they are too good or not good enough for the Mountain West.

Broncos still in the polls.

On the horizon:

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