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BSU Men’s Basketball Destroys SDSU

Derrick Alston and the Broncos put on a show against the Aztecs

NCAA Basketball: San Diego State at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Bronco big man David Wacker may have chipped a tooth, but it was the Aztecs that got punched in the mouth. The Broncos game out of the gate on fire, in what was easily their best buzzer to buzzer performance of the year. Let’s revisit the Saturday night’s game at Taco Bell Arena.

What Went Well

Honestly, just about everything. With the way season started, I didn’t think I would ever be able to say that. Boise State got their best individual performance of the year from Derrick Alston, he led the charge with 30 points in only 29 minutes of play. Junior guard Alex Hobbs also had a strong performance, chipping in 18 points and five rebounds.

In recent years, the Broncos have been know for building leads and letting them slip away, that wasn’t the case Saturday night. Boise State went into halftime leading 46 to 25 and never let the lead slip below 13 in the second half.

Room For Growth

The wings had a strong performance against the Aztecs, but the posts need to be more assertive. David Wacker had one of his better games, with seven points. However, Wacker and Haney need to make more of an impact on the boards, as they only combined for five total rebounds.

Stay tuned as the Broncos look to even their record against San Jose State on Saturday.