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Boise State Basketball Recap: The Broncos Travel to Fort Collins

The Broncos hold on in a close one

NCAA Basketball: Wyoming at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

It should have never came down to this. Silly fouls, poor closing out on threes, questionable calls, all of those things nearly doomed Boise State on Tuesday night. The Broncos dominated the majority of the second half against Colorado State on Tuesday night. For the Broncos, it was one of their most well balanced games of the year, but they still battled the inconsistencies that have plagued them throughout the year. Boise State nearly surrendered a double digit lead in the final minutes, but held on for a 70-68 victory.

It was a slow start for the Broncos, they were down by double digits early in the first half and struggled to corral Rams star Nico Carvacho in the early going. While Carvacho had an impressive stat line (12 points, 16 rebounds), the Broncos were able to slow him down as the game progressed and that allowed the tides to turn. Alex Hobbs, Justinian Jessup, and Marcus Dickinson started to heat up and the Broncos entered the half with a 35-30 lead.

The second half was mostly dominated by the Broncos as their lead hovered around double digits for the majority of the half. The final minutes were a struggle for the Broncos, as they struggled with the Rams full court press and closing out on three pointers. The game ended on a free throw that was missed intentionally by the Rams, but Boise State was able to corral the rebound.

Boise State was able to overcome a poor showing from their bench, which combined to score only four points. The Broncos starting lineup had their best performance of the year as four starters were in double figures. Led by Jessup with 20 points, Hobbs with 17, Alston with 14, and Dickinson with 12. The Broncos managed to come away with the win even though they lost the rebounding and turnover battles.

The Broncos finished the first half of conference play with a 5-3 record, but will face a tougher schedule the rest of the way. They will have their most difficult game of the year on Saturday as they travel to Reno to take on the number eight Wolf Pack.