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2019 East-West Shrine Game: Stock Report

Who helped or hurt their case over the past week?

NCAA Football: East/West Shrine Game Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve collected as much information as possible on the East-West Shrine Game from over the past week. We’ve scoured the internet for first-hand reports and video clips for the seven players representing the Mountain West Conference. We did pretty well in that regard. Take a look below for what we’ve gathered as well as our thoughts on each players stock report following the practices and game.

Articles from around the internet

QB Brett Rypien (Boise State)

  • Twitter buzz:
  • Synopsis: Brett had about as good of a showing as someone could have this week. He was the star of the first day of practices and kept up that lofty status pretty much all week. Rypien was on point with throws, and caught the attention of many. It translated over to the games as well, as he led a touchdown on his first drive on a perfectly placed pass. He answered pretty much every question asked about him.
  • Stock Report: WAY UP

QB Marcus McMaryion (Fresno State)

  • Twitter Buzz
  • Synopsis: Marcus had a solid week of practice. He didn’t dominate the headlines by any means,
  • Stock Report: NEUTRAL

WR KeeSean Johnson (Fresno State)

  • Twitter Buzz

Was called the best draft prospect at the event by a writer at The Draft Network.

  • Synopsis: Johnson was arguably the best wide receiver at the Shrine Game this week and was unquestionably in the top two. He made play after play each day in practice, catch balls and displaying chemistry with at least three different quarterbacks. KeeSean showed everyone he runs routes with the best of them and combines that with great athleticism. The only downside was he wasn’t able to play in the game Saturday. Other than that, everything went exactly right.
  • Stock Report: WAY UP

OL Ryan Pope (SDSU)

Twitter Buzz

  • Synopsis: Pope did let up a sack midway through the first quarter. Otherwise, he seemed solid. Offensive lineman usually only “stand out” when they are playing well, so to a certain extent, no news is good news on that front. On another hand, it’s difficult to know what evaluators and coaches liked about him, although he did get noticed for his size and measurements.
  • Stock Report: NEUTRAL

K John Barron III (SDSU)

  • Synopsis: No info found
  • Stock Report: N/A

WR Ron’quavion Tarver (Utah State)

  • Twitter buzz
  • Synopsis: Tarver combined a good showing in practices with a good showing in the game, getting praise for his hands and ability to adjust to throw. He had a game-high with 5 catches that resulted in 66 yards, showing he can be a solid target for quarterbacks at the next level. He racked up yards after the catch as well and although he wasn’t the star of the game, he certainly left his mark.
  • Stock Report: UP

DB Andrew Wingard (Wyoming)

Twitter Buzz

  • Synopsis: Wingard had the unfortunate task of going up against KeeSean Johnson or having to try to cover based off what Brett Rypien was doing during the week of practices. With having to battle some of the top players of the week, Wingard didn’t have the best showing in practices. He wasn’t awful though, making a few picks and he had a pretty solid, if unspectacular game. Wingard was in on many tackles and showed the ability to be all over the field.
  • Stock Report: SLIGHTLY UP

Your turn: Did you agree or disagree with our thoughts? Any info or video clips we missed? Drop a comment below.