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MWC On Ice: Fourth Edition

Recapping All The Hockey Action From Around The MWC

UNLV during player introductions
UNLV Hockey

Hockey is back! Let’s get you caught up on all the action from this past weekend!

Air Force (11-8-3)

The Falcons took on Army over the weekend, and managed to tie them in both games.

Game One (Army: 2 / Air Force 2)

The game began with a scoreless period. But after this first period, the offense for the Falcons caught fire in the second. Outscoring Army in the second, 2-0. Kyle Haak and Trevor Stone netted the goals for Air Force. Going into the third up 2-0, things were looking up for the boys in blue. But in the final frame, they were unable to find the back of the net again. Army scored two goal in the third to tie the game at 2. Knotted up at the end of 3, the two squads went into overtime. But neither was able to find the back of the net in the extra period, and tied at 2.

Game Two (Army 2 / Air Force 2)

Surely two teams can’t tie two night in a row, right? Well, if that was your thought, then you’d be wrong. For the second game in a row, these two schools played themselves to a 2-2 tie. Unlike the previous game, Army was able to score a goal in the first period and took a 1-0 lead into the second. Air Force was able to the tie the game in the second, with Brady Tomlak finding the net for the Falcons. However, this tie wouldn’t last long. Late in the second, Army was able to retake the led on a goal by Dalton MacAfee. The Falcons were able to find the equalizer in the third, on a goal scored by Matt Koch. We would go scoreless for the rest of the third and overtime as well to tie at 2 for the second game in row!

Looking Ahead

The Falcons open up a two game weekend series against Sacred Heart on Saturday

Boise State University (18-5-1)

The Broncos swept their weekend series against the University of Oregon

Game One (Oregon 3 / Boise State 4)

Boise never trailed once in the game. They took the lead in the first period, and never looked back. Dylan Broman scored for the Broncos in the first period, and they took a 1-0 lead into the second. Oregon would tie the game early in the second, but that would be the closest they would get to the lead in this contest. Boise would bury two more goal in the second. Scored by Holden Greene and Mitchell Kramer. Oregon would score two goal in the third to make it interesting, but they would come up just one goal short.

Game Two (Oregon 2 / Boise State 5)

Once again, Boise dominated this game from start to finish. They took a first period lead on a Eric Pinsky goal 4 minutes and 50 seconds into the game. The Broncos would add two more goals in the second. Michael Carranza and Zachary Biebuyck netted those two goals for the Broncos. The next two goals in the game were scored by Oregon and they were able to cut the lead to one. Oregon would score again in the game. Meanwhile the Broncos scored twice in the third to seal up this win. Sven Marnauzs and Eric Pinsky netted those 2 third period goals.

Looking Ahead

Boise opens up a 2 game set this weekend against Colorado State and Grand Canyon University.

Colorado State University (6-14-1)

Colorado went 1-1 over the weekend. They picked up a win in their first game over Texas AM, then lost to University of Denver in their second.

Game One (Texas AM 3 / Colorado State 4)

There was no shortage of offense in this one, each side was scoring early and often. In the first, each squad traded two goals. CSU scored the first two in the period. With Derek Nead and Matthew More getting credit. Then Texas AM stormed back to close out the period with two goals of their own to tie the game up at 2 heading into the second. The theme of the first period would carry over into the second frame. CSU and AM traded a single goal in the second period to once again carry a tied score into the following period. Kyle Neith scored the goal in the second for the Rams. The third period couldn’t decide anything. For the first time in this contest, neither team was able to find the back of the net in the 20 minute frame. This game would require overtime. CSU would send everyone home happy as Adam Anderson found the back of the net early in overtime to secure the 4-3 win.

Game Two (University of Denver 8 / Colorado State 4)

CSU was able to carry their offensive momentum into their next game against Denver, unfortunately is wasn’t nearly enough to get the job done. Both teams came out of the gate hot, scoring two goals each in the first period. Adam Anderson and Derek Nead both scored for the Rams and they went into the first intermission tied at 2. But Denver exploded in the second. Scoring 4 goals to just one by Colorado. Ben Barrett was responsible for the lone CSU goal in the second. Then didn’t get any better in the third when Denver added two more goals to their lead. CSU was able to score one more time, with John Kilkenny scoring in the third. But CSU was blown out of the building in this one.

Looking Ahead

CSU will look to rebound for this lopsided loss to Denver when they open up a 2 game set this weekend against Boise State and the University of Washington.

San Diego State University (10-4-2)

Over the past weekend, SDSU was able to win one game and tie in their second.

Game One (University Of Iowa 3 / San Diego State 4)

There was definitely no lack of offense in this game. SDSU and Iowa both lit up the scoreboard over 3 periods and kept the game very entertaining. The first period opened with SDSU’s Tristan Macaolooy finding the net 7 minutes into the game, giving the Aztecs a 1-0 lead. Iowa would respond quickly though, scoring twice in 5 minutes towards the end of the first to take 2-1 lead into the first intermission. San Diego was able to tie the game midway through the second however, with Patrick Miller netting the goal. The score would remain tied at 2 unit Iowa was able to regain the lead with a late goal in the second period. SDSU trailed at the start of the final period, but this wouldn’t last long. The Aztecs tied the game four minutes into the third on a tally by Aaron Mayer. They would then take the lead just 3 minutes and 24 seconds later. Derian Theberge would net the goal that would put San Diego up for good. They would keep Iowa off the score sheet for the rest of the game, and secure a 4-3 win.

Game Two (University of Iowa 1 / San Diego State 1)

The two teams squared off again the following night in which many hoped would be another high scoring affair. However, this would not be the case. Both teams were only able to find the back of the net once and this one would end in a tie. Iowa scored in the first period, and SDSU scored in the third period. Overtime couldn’t decide a winner in this game. This would be the Aztecs’ second tie of the season.

Looking Ahead

SDSU will open up a three game homestand against UCLA and The University of Oregon this weekend.

San Jose State University (15-5-1)

San Jose traded a win and loss with USC over the weekend.

Game One (University of Southern California 2 / San Jose State University 7)

San Jose flexed their offensive muscles in this game, netting a total of 7 goals before the final horn sounded. This game began with the Spartans scoring two unanswered goals to open up the first period. Their first goal came barely a minute into the game. Stephen Howe was able to tally on for the home team. Then his teammate Daniel Barry followed up with a goal on his own to make in 2-0 San Jose. USC would respond with a goal of their own before the end of the first to make it 1-2 going into the second period. The lone goal scored in the second belonged to SJSU and was scored by Nicholas Veren at 16:59. Then the third period was dominated by SJSU. They scored 4 unanswered goals to break this game wide open. Daniel Barry (2), Nicholas Veren (2), Michael Coelho, and Harrison Folmar all scored for the Spartans. USC was able to score a goal of their own near the end of the game, but it was just to pad some stats. SJSU took home a dominating win in this one, the final score 7-2.

Game Two (University of Southern California 6 / San Jose University 5)

San Jose was able to carry their offensive momentum into this next contest against USC. But the only difference this time around was that the Trojans were able to match their goal total, and in the end, get one more than them. The first period really didn’t indicate that this was going to be a high scoring game. The Trojans scored the only goal of the first frame, and took a 1-0 lead into the first intermission. The second period is when things goal interesting. Both teams total 7 goals in the second! They traded goal back and forth throughout the second period. San Jose was able to net 4 goals of their own in the second. Nicholas Veren, Stephen Howe, Dainel Barry, and Ryan Lothman was credited for the goals in the period. These 4 goals were good enough to tie the game at 4 going into the third. Each team was able to net a goal in the third to once again, tie the game. Daniel Barry scored his second goal of the game in the third help give SJSU their first lead of the game. Unfortunately, USC was able to find a goal of their own to tie the game at 5. In overtime, USC was able to score the final and deciding goal and the Spartans would lose a shootout, 6-5.

Looking Ahead

San Jose will begin a two game road trip this weekend against California

University of New Mexico (10-9-3)

UNM was able to secure one win and a tie over the course of the weekend.

Game One (Northern Arizona University 2 / University of New Mexico 11)

As you may of noticed, a lot the teams on this list have no issue with scoring points and putting up offense. This game might be the best example of this. UNM was able to score 11 goals in 3 periods of play. It might be easier to just name the Lobos who didn’t score a goal in this game. They scored 2 goals in the first, 5 goals in the second, and 4 goals in the third. These goals came from Graeme Chiasson (2), John Kelly, Michael Kalaber (2), Nate Tagliaegami (2), Jarrod Ronquillo (2), and Mackenzie Smith. NAU was able to score two goals in the final frame, but that did little to hide the lopsided score.

Game Two (University of Nebraska 6 / University of New Mexico 6)

There was offense present again in this game as well, the only difference is that is was equal from both sides. Each team scored one goal in the first period. For UNM it was Nate Taglialegami that was able to find the back of the net for the Lobos. But Nebraska was able to score a goal of their own to tie the game up at 1. The second period was a lot like the first. Both teams scored 2 goals in the second. Taglialegami was able to net his second goal of the night and Grarme Chiasson was also able to score for the Lobos. Tied at 3 going into the third, both teams looked for game winner. The third would solve nothing though, both teams scored 3 times in the 3 to tie it up at 6 at the end of regulation. Logan Colyer, Graeme Chiasson (2), and Ben Hopp all scored for UNM. Neither side was able to find the net in overtime however, and this one would end in a 6-6 tie.

Looking Ahead

UNM opens up a two game set against Grand Canyon University this weekend