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This Week in the MWC: 9-8-18

Let’s recap the week.

NCAA Football: Hawaii Bowl-Fresno State vs Houston Marco Garcia-USA TODAY Sports

It was a fairly eventful week in the Mountain West Conference now that games are going on, storylines are playing out, and maybe some emotions are even riding high. Let’s strolling down memory lane (a week still calls for memory lane)

Top Stories:

Air Force QBs: Is Arion Worthman hurt or just ineffective? Either way, look for healthy doses of Isaiah Sanders this week. He may start, he may split snaps or even take the majority. But one thing was for sure, the offense flowed better with him at the helm last week.

SJSU Baseball: A two year probation was given to the San Jose State baseball program. This was because their former was said to be demanding extra activities before and after practices, or else extending the time of schedule activities. Players also got the impression these were mandatory and some big things may happen if they didn’t attend.

Turnover Throne: If you were living under a rock, you may have missed this. Otherwise, you have probably seen the brand new turnover throne pretty much everywhere online. Boise State unveiled it during their game last week and let’s just say it got a lot of use during the game.


Who’s Hot:

Offense: If you liked high scoring games, this past week was for you. The MWC racked up a ton of points. Maybe two tons. With point totals of 72, 56, 62, 79, and 59, it was a great weekend to pad offensive stats.

Cole McDonald: McDonald did it again with another big game. He actually putting up better statistics. 428 yards, a 73% completion percentage and 6 TDs. He has totally come out of nowhere and looks to be the perfect fit in the run-and-shoot.

Brett Rypien: Not letting McDonald have all the glory, Rypien threw for over 300 yards and 4 TDs, with the majority of his damage coming in just the first half of action. Some of his throws were about as good as can be and he looked as opposite as possible from his debut last yer.

Who’s Not:

Defense: For as much the some MWC teams scored this weekend, they let up tons of points as well. Defenses gave up point totals of 45, 41, 43, 30, and 41 points. If this was any indication, get ready for some shoot-outs this season.

San Jose State: Losing to a FCS opponent in football is bad enough, but the Spartans outdid themselves. Their baseball team was put on a two year probation for NCAA violations with their old coach. Tough week for a team that is in desperate need of a bright spot.


Alas, I was out of town last weekend and was unable to watch any games. Not even sure if Aaron Taylor announced for anyone. So here are some quotes from years past:

“That ball should’ve been catched.”


“They let him rip it” -Aaron Taylor on Rypien.

“It’s like an accordion; you get them to cover the outside, and it leaves the middle open.”

“He seems to have Colorado State off balance all season long.” (first half of the Week 0 game vs Hawaii)

“That’s the electricism of his legs.”