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Week 2: How to Watch and Game Thread

NCAA Football: UNLV at Nevada Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to another week of MWC games! Here’s what you should know as you get ready to watch a full slate of games:

How to Watch:

Saturday, September 8th

Nevada vs. Vanderbilt (10:00 AM MT) | Coverage: SEC Network

New Mexico vs. Wisconsin (10:00 AM MT) | Coverage: BTN

Air Force vs. Florida Atlantic (12:00 PM MT) | Coverage:

Wyoming vs. Missouri (5:00 PM MT) | Coverage: ESPN U

Arkansas vs. Colorado State (5:30 PM MT) | Coverage: CBS Sports Network

Fresno State vs. Minnesota (5:30 PM MT) | Coverage: Fox Sports 1

New Mexico State vs Utah State (6:00 PM MT) | Coverage:

UTEP vs UNLV (7:00 PM MT) | Coverage:

Sacramento State vs San Diego State (7:00 PM MT) | Coverage:

UConn vs Boise State (8:15 PM MT) | Coverage: ESPN U

San Jose State vs. Washington State (9:00 PM MT) | Coverage: Pac-12 Network

Rice vs. Hawaii (9:59 PM MT) | Coverage:

Game Previews:

What to Watch For:

  • Can Nevada’s high-flying offense continue it’s scoring outpour going from an FCS team to a SEC team?
  • Likewise, New Mexico put up a ton of points last week, but gave up a ton too. Can they produce a good showing on both sides of the ball against Wisconsin?
  • Who will take snaps at Quarterback for the Falcons? Will they use a two-QB system or will one eventually overtake the other?
  • Which defense will show up for the Cowboys; the one that suffocated New Mexico State or the one that couldn’t get any penetration against Washington State?
  • Will Colorado State show any signs of life? If they can’t get up for a home game against a SEC opponent, not win, but at least look like a football, then when will they?
  • The Bulldogs looked great against Idaho, but are like many MWC teams, they are now facing a steep rise in competition. Many are saying this game vs Minnesota will prove what kind of team Fresno State actually is. Can they win?
  • Utah State needs to avoid the post-almost-win-against-a-major-team hangover. Will they show they are a team to be reckoned with this season?
  • Ditto for UNLV. After a good showing against USC, can they show this week that they are a bowl contender this year?
  • Against lesser competition, can the Aztecs display that they can balance their offense with a good passing game or will they continue to run, run, and run some more?
  • Boise State looked every bit of a ranked team. Can they keep their foot on the gas against lesser competition and not look ahead to Oklahoma State?
  • Can San Jose State rebound from a disappointing loss? Going up against a PAC-12 team won’t be easy, but can they have a better showing?
  • Will the Rainbow Warriors have a third impressive showing in a row? Some are saying Rice may actually be a tougher opponent than their first two, plus they have film on the run-and-shoot.

Join the discussion before, during, and after the games by sharing your thoughts on these questions and more in the comments below.